What Kids Sterling Silver Earrings Says About Your Personal Style?


Sterling silver earrings for kids have become a norm replacing gold very quickly from the market. Soon after piercing, most parents prefer a sterling silver earring on their kids rather than gold. It is merely just not the unaffordability factor due to the whopping price of gold that impacts its use in children. But people often feel, the personal style quotient is limited with gold, given these days is all about your elegance & uniqueness.

When compared to gold, sterling silver comes with more designs these days. Thus, parents prefer it over gold since the creation of a personal style statement is possible with these cheaper yet vivid, vibrant alternatives more often easily.

Different shapes of sterling silver earrings for kids speak differently about a person and often parents try to mould their children in their best possible Avatar from day one.

So, to guide you a bit on what shape suits your child best, let’s focus on what kind of kid’s sterling silver earrings could more often than not be used to define your kid’s personality.

The shape of your kid’s sterling silver earrings defining their style?

Two factors that have popularised sterling silver jewellery for kids includes;

  • Their affordability
  • They can be carved into more shapes and sizes compared to gold.

Here’s a guide to match your kid’s sterling silver earrings with their personality. Seek your child’s very special qualities and match them with their jewellery to accentuate their trait.

  1. Anchor shaped jewellery

Sterling silver earrings for kids shaped as anchors goes best for those kids who exhibit the trait of being an anchor for others from their early childhood.

  1. Crosses, mother Mary or deities

Kid’s sterling silver earrings representing a certain belief can often endow faith to those kids who exhibit this trait of faithfulness early in their lives.

  1. Arrows for silver sterling jewellery

Arrows denote love, ambition and protect people from invisible harm. Children exhibiting a loving and kind nature can be gifted an arrow-shaped sterling silver earring for kids.

  1. Scarab symbol

If a child has suffered some personal limitations or has revived from some sickness and needs to renew and regenerate, gifting them a scarab symbol would help them definitively.

  1. Butterfly 

It symbolises beauty, elegance and joy. It also symbolises long life and if you want a joyful baby, you can gift them a butterfly, symbolising their inner joy.

As you see shapes define a person’s persona, developing those traits in your child can be defining factors for them in the long run.

There are hundreds of other symbols like the tree of life (if you want your child to be evergreen), Celtic or trinity knot, triskele and so on, that can also be defining traits for your child’s personality. Even adding birthstones and zodiac stones can personalise your baby’s style as they grow up. Kid’s sterling silver earrings can be shaped in ways that can define your child and make a personality statement for them that can last them a lifetime.