What Kind of Car Insurance Makes the Most Sense in 2020?


Over time, different types of car insurance make more sense than others. This can change from year to year. It’s a good idea to keep up with the changes that come with every kind of coverage.

While not all of the insurance types mentioned in this article could be relevant to you, they’re definitely options that you should consider. In fact, some of these are obligatory in some states. It’s worth taking a look at your region’s requirements. Keep in mind that the first major consideration is to check if there are cheaper insurers for each category.

The Basics

Almost all states require that you hold two types of insurance. These are liability protection and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. The first covers property or bodily damage that you might cause to others. The latter covers your injuries and car. Both of these are important to avoid serious legal consequences or a lack of funds to help you in a difficult situation.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Comprehensive protection can help you with paying for repairs to your vehicle. In the worst-case scenario, this coverage can cover the cost of replacing your car or motorcycle entirely. Many companies that lease or offer financial plans make this a requirement.

Collision insurance protects you in the case of accidents with other vehicles. It also covers damages to other things like fences, walls, or other public and private property.

Medical Payments Protection

An insured automobile can cover medical bills after an accident, including hospital visits, x-rays, and more. This also applies to other passengers or family members involved in the collision.

Personal Injury Insurance

Just like the previous example, this one helps with any necessary medical attention. It takes things a step further, though. It can cover other slightly miscellaneous consequences that come from your collision. Some examples include lost income, child care expenses, and work absence fees or penalties.

What Makes Sense?

The options mentioned in this article are some of the most common choices for drivers. In 2020, a lot of the factors that may influence your decision depending on your circumstances. If you have any medical conditions that make you an especially vulnerable person, you should absolutely invest in medical and personal injury insurance if either aren’t already required in your location.

This year, many people are under lockdown due to COVID-19. If you’re in this category, rarely use your vehicle, or work from home, you probably don’t need Comprehensive or Collision insurance for a while.