What kind of energy you spread around according to your zodiac


You know that feeling when you meet someone for a first time and you kind of like him or dislike him the same moment you shake hands with them? Well, all this has a fair explanation. Every single person on this planet has his own energy that vibrates around them. Depending on a lots of factors, this energy can be on a high level or somewhat lower level, therefore we tend to like some people more than others. So the next time you meet a person, all you have to do is look deep in his eyes in order to “read” the level of energy they spread around them. The experts and scientists claim that the zodiac has a lot to do with the level of energy we have. Every and each of them spreads around different kind of energy.


The fire zodiac signs are believed to be the ones who always want to be in the middle of the happenings, calling the attention of the people that surround them and find it difficult to fit. Therefore, no matter what situation is going on around them, they stay true to themselves and if you may change their opinion you would have to work a lot and give your best before you make it.


But what kind of energy you spread around according to your zodiac sign:

Aries – It is not only the first zodiac sign but it is under the influence of Mars. This make them kind of impulsive and always in a search of something new and risky.

Taurus – They tend to be very grounded and almost never get excited unnecessarily. Their approach to things is very sistematic and strategic, which sometimes makes them indecisive and a little stubborn.

Gemini – Some people even consider them bipolar but the truth is they tend to be very busy always. They are one of the most socialble signs that enjoy learning by doing new things. They are never bored.

Scorpio – If you have a scorpio firend or partner you must have noticed their warm energy. They tend to care a lot about other people, especially their feelings, and they are always here to lend a hend if necessary. If you happen to do them wrong or hurt them they will tell it to you directly but on a very sensitive and emotional way.

Leo – Leos look only for the best and they want you to admire them. It behaves on a very aristocratic way and it won’t be anything difficult for you to recognize a leo in a crowd as it is always the most charismatic person. Even though he loves to show power and authority, leos tend to be very generous and honest.

Virgo – They love details. They want everything to be well organized, especially at their job. They will never try to overpower you because their only wish is to feel useful and never ask for anything in return.

Libra – It seems like the libras are very indecisive but all they want is to live in balance and harmony. Venus is their leader, therefore they are very friendly. Their key to make everyone happy, including themselves is the balance.

Scorpio – They are very intensive and that’s how you can spot a scorpio in a croud. If there is something going on with them you will easily see it on their face because they will not even try to hide it. They tend to be pesimistic and live the things through their stomach and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sagitarius – When they speak it is almost impossible for you not to believe in what you hear. If you try to discuss with them you can even end up embarrassed. Maybe all they say it’s not true but the way they speak with people makes everyone trust them.

Capricorn – They are hard-working, honest and dedicated. When it comes to a quich decissions, they are the best ones in taking the best one without having to think too much.

Aquarius – A zodiac with free spirit. They seem fearless and even careless if the other people do not take them seriously. But the truth is that they are focussed on the future and pay no attention on other people’s opinion.

Pisces – It leaves you with the impression that they live in their own world. They enjoy dreaming with open eyes and you can never guess what’s going on in their head. They can easily read other people’s energy, unlike you theirs. Therefore they are the most mysterious zodiac sign out of all.