What Kind Of Jobs Can You Get With A Graphic Design Degree?


Your career will be determined by the decisions you take when you are young and inexperienced. Many young people decide to enter the world of graphic design because of the many possibilities it offers. And it all starts with education. One of the advantages of a design degree is that it will open your doors to a huge variety of jobs. It is very helpful and can take you almost anywhere. The principles of design can be implemented in many areas, which widens your career choice. Deciding to finish the Graphic Design Degree London can really change your life.


There are so many career options for people with a graphic design degree. And these are some of them:

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer will create a visual image of a certain brand. In this category, we can include advertising, site, product, and others which include creativity. Your job will be to come up with designs that will look visually appealing to the customer, and also achieve the key values of the product.


Creative Director

A creative director is responsible for managing a creative team. His team works on a project related to the advertisement, public relations, press, TV, etc. Despite for supervising the team members’ work, the director does some of the artwork by himself.

Web Designer

His task is to make a site functional and look appealing. There are many features that determine a functional site, such as layout, pages, navigation, and structure. A web designer will make decisions regarding this but also decide about the content and the way it will be displayed on the site.

User experience (UX) designer

The task of a UX designer is to adjust a site to the user’s needs, in order to enhance their experience. Using the creative skills gained from a graphic design degree, he can meet the user’s expectations. UX is very important because it will determine the success of a site or application.

Brand Identity Designer

A brand identity is a visual image that represents a certain brand, that represents how a company wants to be seen. The designer’s job is to create the image that the company wants. Through creating business cards, stationery, promotions, and other elements, he will increase the presence of the company’s logo. This is very important, as a company wants to leave the best impressions in front of consumers and stakeholders.

Logo Designer

Every brand has a logo, which makes it recogizable. Since this will represent a company, the logo designer has a very creative task. It is all about understanding the needs of the client and turning them into a symbol that will represent their brand in the way they like.

Most of the jobs that you can find with a graphic design degree fall in the marketing category, or are somehow connected to it. However, you can always find the thing that you want to do. We know that marketing is something that companies have a strong focus on, which opens many doors for you. A graphic design degree is a good decision that will certainly pay off in your life.