What Makes Black Rifle Coffee So Good?


The habit of having a morning hug in a mug is a pleasure that can’t be compared to anything like it. Whatever coffee people drink and whatever generations they belong to, most of them enjoy the taste and aroma of this hot drink every day. The best thing about a cup of joe is that it has magical benefits if you drink it in recommended amounts.

The number of brands appearing on the market is on the rise. Many people will tell you that they don’t have a favorite blend but equally enjoy every cup of this hot beverage. Still, those with a slightly more refined taste are very happy to say what their favorite product is. The choice of many within the States is Black Rifle coffee, a veteran-based brand that’s quite recognizable in the market.

Strong Flavor

In order to explore reasons to try coffee from Black Rifle, it would be better to take a look at their unique roast and flavor characteristics. That will help people understand why they should be loyal customers of this great company.

The method of production of every single blend places Black Rifle among the gourmet brands. This coffee is dark, bold, and rather strong. If you want your morning cup of joe to hit you hard, you can expect it from this brand.

Black Rifle Coffee is known to offer a striking but rounded flavor with hints of spice and sweetness. It’s the result of using high-quality Colombian and Brazilian Arabica. This company makes carefully selected blends to offer a distinct aroma even to the pickiest buyers.

Unique Roasting Procedure

Robustness is provided by their award-winning roasting process while delivering a delicacy in every cup of coffee. Only small amounts of raw material are roasted at the same time, which provides every single bean with a unique texture and aroma.

There are several blends of different caffeine amounts, but what is common for all is the freshness and strength of taste. Although the BRC products are also sold as pre-ground, it is best to buy freshly roasted beans and make your own mixture just before brewing. Experts recommend brewing in Chemex (read about it here). The result is an aroma that is strong and robust yet sweet and inviting.

Well-Designed Package

Black Rifle company currently has dozens of blends in different sizes and packs (7.2 and 12 ounces). All those come as whole-bean and ground variants. The market demands change, so this brand accepts them and improves its offer. Now you can find single-serve packages (’rounds’), K-cups, which are used in newer coffee makers, as well as canned coffee.

As for the packaging itself, the design is quite unusual, which makes this brand very noticeable. As already mentioned, everything in Black Rifle is military-themed. So their products are named after weapon types or some special military terms.

The bans and blends of this brand are best kept in the original bag. All packages are easy-open and resealed. Once opened, the product will retain its freshness for a long time due to zipper seal technology. That comes in handy if you don’t have a container to keep beans or blends.

Subscription Club Offers Higher Value

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Coffee lovers are known to always enjoy a good cup of joe. But what if their favorite drink runs out and you can’t find it in the local store? Now is not the right time to tour coffee shops in search of a favorite blend. That’s why Black Rifle Coffee Club can save the day.

If you take the monthly subscription, you will be able to enjoy Black Rifle products of your choice freshly and whenever you want them. Recurring subscription brings a certain discount on all Black Rifle brand products. You can choose from a variety of roasts and gourmet beans that will come to your address every few weeks. That way, you will never run out of your favorite coffee blend.

All-American Company with Reputation

Black Rifle is a brand that very quickly reached a significant market share. It is not a matter of luck but of the hard work, mission, and vision that this company stands for. Supporting veterans is one of their leading goals, which is something that every patriot will appreciate.

Over the years, the company has made the transition from single-origin blends to larger commercial roasts. As a result, they have achieved worldwide popularity among coffee lovers. And as it’s already premium, it doesn’t come cheap. But you know what you’ve been paying for.

Most brands reduce the quality of their products over time to provide customers with competitive prices and make savings. Experience shows that’s not the case with Black Rifle. The owner of the company strives to keep the acquired reputation.

Sure, BRC coffee price doesn’t go down, but neither does the quality. Loyal customers enjoy the same product for years, and that won’t change in the coming years. Consistency of quality is what makes this brand unique.

Black Rifle Coffee has established itself in the market as one of the leading brands in the highly competitive coffee industry. There’s not much chance you didn’t hear about this company, but if you still didn’t, you should know there are many reasons to try their products. Grab a single package of your favorite coffee blend, and you’ll probably become a loyal consumer.