What Seniors Are Really Looking For in a Retirement Community


The most rapidly growing housing trend in the past decade has been the increased need for appropriate senior housing. As the Baby Boomer generation eases into retirement, there is a variety of different needs and lifestyles to accommodate.

Today’s seniors tend to live a much more active and healthy lifestyle then in the past and as a result, are living much longer. Seniors don’t want to be considered “old” quite yet, but are enthusiastic about having their own communities surrounded by the same generation of friends and neighbors.

A more simple and quiet lifestyle is what seniors say they really want. You can now have that in many different forms of communities. Bonterra new homes is behind some of the most recent communities catering to the Active Adults, Adults Only and 55+ demographics that are a popular choice. Seniors that are considering the retirement  community lifestyle say that these are the things they are really focused on finding:


While being able to enjoy the security of a seniors community, seniors also want to still  have accessibility to services. Shopping, medical care, restaurants and entertainment should be only a short trip away.

The housing design itself should complement the senior lifestyle — it should not have too many steps or steep sloping property to make things difficult. Most units or houses are equipped to add any needed medical equipment later on if it becomes necessary.

Retirees find that having to deal with only one fee for all of their housing, maintenance, utilities, insurance and taxes is a great convenience. Many people are on a slightly fixed income and this just makes things much easier to budget.


The sense of small-town living surrounded by people who are all in similar life stages is one of the biggest selling points for a seniors community. Seniors are much more likely to be able to connect with new friends with similar interests while enjoying the same speed of life.

Many retirees still enjoy an active lifestyle and can make connections through community sports and activities. Many communities also host activities such as book clubs, cooking groups, quilting bees as well as a range of volunteer activities.


For those who like to still keep an active schedule, there is always plenty to keep them busy in a seniors community. Many communities have incorporated features such as walking and biking paths, public park areas, a clubhouse, tennis courts, kayaking, golfing, and a full service gym.

It’s not only the extra facilities that are such a draw for seniors, but the small conveniences that are right in the neighbourhood. Many communities have a day spa, a salon, a dry cleaners and a pet groomer.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of moving into a retirement community is that you actually get to enjoy more time being retired. All of the time that you spend making repairs on your home, keeping up with the annual maintenance and cutting your grass can now be spent relaxing.

All of your maintenance needs for the inside and outside of your home are taken care of for you. You won’t have to shovel snow or rake leaves again, and your landscaping is kept trimmed and attractive year-round by the grounds crews.