What Should You Do after Having a Car Accident in Texas?


Whether its a ding, scrape or full on scrunch there are procedures you must follow if you are in a car accident in Texas. Even though you may be seething with rage or in babbling in shock what you say and do now could have serious consequences on your insurance. Although it might be hard, here is good advice you definitely remember to help get you through the first awkward few minutes after you’ve had a car accident in Texas.


Don’t Leave the Scene

Many people make the mistake of leaving the scene and get charged with a crime automatically. Be sure to stop your car and stay with it if you’re involved in an accident causing injury to a person or resulting in property damage. Be there and wait for the police to arrive and take your  report. A police report is of immense importance. It will help determine who was at fault. The officers will draw a conclusion considering road conditions, information from witnesses and information about how the accident took place.

Be Sure to Call 911

While you should not leave the scene, you should certainly call for emergency medical help if needed. Many people think they don’t have to call 911 if they’ve been involved in a minor accident and think no one has sustained a serious injury. Don’t decide anything yet. Call the experts and let them decide.

Maintain Your Cool

It is natural to lose your cool when someone hits you out of nowhere, but instead of getting upset, you should be patient, control your emotions and wait for the police officers to arrive at the scene.

Record Information about the Accident

While you may feel tempted to leave everything to the officers, it is important to get all the details about the accident before you leave the scene. If you have your cell phone with you, use the camera to take pictures. Ask for the names and contact details of anyone involved and don’t forget to ask about their insurance providers. It may also help you later if you or your insurance company need to reach out to witnesses to request a short statement about the accident.

Record the date and time of the accident and note license plate numbers as well. Taking time to document your car accident could help you secure a good compensation. The information will also help your lawyer to plan everything. If you’re still thinking whether you have a personal injury case, you can always find assistance in Plano, Texas at vecchioinjurylaw.com/.

Avoid Admitting Fault

Even if you’re at fault, don’t say anything yet. Just record all details and don’t admit fault in front of the officers or when having a conversation with an insurance provider. It does not mean you should make false statements. Just explain honestly exactly what happened but never make any blatant statements like it was all your fault. Let the experts decide. Insurance companies use whatever they can to avoid making any payments. So, be cautious here!

At fault or not, for most people being involved in a car accident is traumatic. You are likely to have a thousand and one things running through head from how to do CPR to why it’s your car baby that got hurt to how you’re going to get into work. It’s the adrenaline. Instead take a couple of deep breaths and slow your thoughts down by recalling what you’ve just read about what to do if you’re unlucky enough to have had a car accident in Texas.