What Should You Do in a Car Accident on Ireland Road Trip


Accidents on the road are a common risk of driving. In fact, most people will know someone, that has been involved in a car accident or even a serious crash. Many reading this article may have experienced one first hand. If you have never been involved in one though, it is likely that you have never given it much thought as to what you should or shouldn’t do when one occurs.

However, as they can happen to anyone, even the safest and most alert drivers, this is a great reason, aside from the legal obligation why finding a great deal on your car insurance in Ireland is so important. If you are heading to Ireland on a road trip, you need to keep in mind the basics of what you should do in the event of having an accident.


Stop Your Car or Vehicle

It is crucial that you stop your vehicle immediately after you’ve been involved in an accident. If it has occurred in a busy part of the road or another dangerous area, you should only move it enough that it is out of harm’s way.

Turn the Ignition Off

Following on from the above, you need to make sure the ignition is completely switched off. If you leave your car running after you’ve been involved in an accident, it could pose a safety risk and could even start a fire.


Take Deep Breaths

It is only natural to feel fraught and extremely panicked after an accident. It could be, whether you are the one who got hit or who was possibly at fault, that the person in the other vehicle is angry or frustrated. Maybe you feel like that. This is why it is important to take some deep breaths to calm yourself as much as possible. Make sure it is safe to get out of your car before you actually do so.

Leave Your Car and Set Visible Markers Around the Scene

When you leave your car, if no-one else can, make sure you mark out that there has been an accident. If possible, use any traffic cones at the side of the road or some other form of reflective markers. Do what you can, especially in lower visibility conditions such as rain, fog and at night.

Call 999

Whether people have been injured or not during the accident, you still need to call 999. If they have, report the injuries and ask for an ambulance. If there are not, you still need to report to the police. Once that is done wait for the emergency services, both the medical team and the police.

Exchange Drivers Licence Information and Insurance Details

If you can, exchange the details of your insurance and driver’s licence. If anyone involved in the accident does not have a valid driving licence, make a note of this. Remember that you need the insurer’s name and policy number, the licence number and address, you also need the individual’s name.

Make Contact with Your Insurance Company

At the most convenient time, you need to contact your insurer and inform them that you’ve been involved in an accident and start filing a claim. If you are interested in finding the cheapest car insurance in Ireland, you should check out www.theaa.ie. With the AA some of the great features you get as standard is a comprehensive policy that includes a courtesy car and unlimited protective coverage for your windscreen, among many more.