What This Guys Did With Their Tiny Apartments is Totally Awesome! You Are Going To Love It!


Small apartments can use big ideas and make them great places for living. If you implement some of the smart ideas that you are going to see in the photos below your apartment will have all the features that big apartments have. The tiny apartments that I have found just for you are filled with rich colors so you can draw your design inspirations from here. They will make the best of your space.

Ladies and gentlemen, scroll down and take a look at Terrific Tiny Apartments That You Are Going To Love. Although they are small, they have plenty of space where you can look for smart solution to all your troubles. All of the designs that you can see have their own spin on super small spaces, but the results are all equally beautiful. There is one trick that can make your apartment seem bigger. Put loads of mirrors and they are going to duplicate the room’s length.

Image via sglivingpod.com
Image via sglivingpod.com

Every corner of the small apartments can be taken advantage of to the fullest. You should add color, subtle paintings, graphic art and flower arrangements for a comfortable feel and personalize the space in any way you can think of, without feeling claustrophobic.

Image via home-designing.com
Image via cooqy.com


Image via ferodoor.com
Image via designrulz.com

When you have vertical space to grow, the possibilities for design open up, from lofted beds to skylights. There is more space to make small spaces feel like bigger ones.

Image via sglivingpod.com
Image via desaindesainrumah.com


If you want your apartment to look bigger you should paint the wall in bright colors. Also you should use some multi-functional furniture in multi-purpose spaces.

Image via liveinternet.ru
Image via idesignarch.com

Coming up with some hidden storage solutions is a must, so make sure you use every space that you can. Get inspired form these apartment and copy some of the clever ideas.

Image via home-designing.com
Image via microlifestyles.com


The big bed can occupy a lot of space, so it’s smart to reduce the size of it, and fill the rest of the space with other useful furniture. Ladies and gentlemen, find your favorite design and copy it. Enjoy making your apartment as cozy and as functional as possible

Image via umvagabundoprofissional.files.wordpress.com
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Image via idesignarch.com
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Small places have huge inspiration. They don’t have to be boring. Moreover, they are much more interesting than big spaces because every corner has something different to offer.