What to Do for the Safety of Your Roof After a Severe Storm?


Since your roof provides you with shelter and protection, it is one of your most valuable and expensive belongings which can be severely affected by the storms of extreme weathers. It is important to know how you can do your best to keep your roof safe.

Here are a few key points and ways mentioned to help you keep your roof safe after a storm.

  • Assess the Storm Damage

First of all, it is important to assess the storm damage. However, it is also important to take the necessary safety precautions beforehand to keep yourself safe and sound. If you are able to see flooding, electric or fire hazards, it is suggested to call the emergency services instantly without a second thought.

The storm damage might not be all apparent. So, you need to get the roof structure assessed by the experts after the storms to detect the issues which are out of your vision line. It can be anything from the heavy debris to the ice dams formed in the winter.

  • Detect Signs

You need to detect signs for hail, winds, and water damage. The signs of hail damage might include damaged shingles, missing shingles, clogged gutters, or dented flashing. Such signs are quite easy to detect which you can do on your own without the help of a professional.

Moreover, the signs of winds include loss of granules, missing or cracked shingles, mold, rotting, wrinkles on the roof surface, loose roofing cement, dented sections of a gutter, loose bricks of chimneys, and so many more. Such damages make your roof vulnerable. So, you need to check the exterior of the roof immediately to detect the early warning signs.

The signs of water damage are even more critical which include water buildups in gutters, water spots on ceiling, peeling paints, leaks in the attic, cracked or missing roof shingles, and moisture build-up. It is important to detect such signs with the help of professional roofing contractors Oakland County Michigan to maintain the structural longevity of a roof.

  • Contact Your Insurance Company

After detecting signs of each storm type, you must contact your insurance company without any delay to prevent any further damages. You can take help from your personal contractor as well to file an insurance claim.

However, it is suggested to not touch anything and take necessary photos as evidence. After collecting all the documentation and proofs, you can report the roof damage to the insurance company. It is also wise to get multiple repair estimates from different contractors before you make an appointment with the insurance adjuster.

  • Repair or Replacement

You would again require a reliable and renowned contractor to repair or replace your roof after analyzing the severity of the damage.

You are advised to hire a good and professional storm damage restoration in Nashville who are good at maintaining the house and make it look like the same it was before the storm.

All of these steps must be taken as soon as possible in the same sequence to ensure that your roof is safe even after the severe storm.