What to do in one day trip to Seville


Seville is the capital city of Andalusia. The south of Spain is more famous than any other part of the country. A lots of people would try to convince you that all the islands, just like Barcelona, are a better solution. However, the last research has shown that the south of Spain keeps on being the most popular touristic destination of the country.


Well, Seville is the very first city that has to have room on your wish-list if you are, indeed, passionate about Spain and its culture. One day is definitely too little time to visit everything, however, it’s still better than nothing. What plenty of tourists do is they rent a car and they spend one day in each of the southern Spanish cities.That’s an extraordinary idea if your goal is to visit as much places as possible. Therefore we have a brief tips list for you what you should definitely not skip when in Seville.

The Cathedral and The Giralda

The Cathedral is something the people from Seville are really proud of. It’s their trademark and the symbol of their city. The Cathedral is located in the heart of Seville, by the pedestrian street the Avenue of the Constitution. It is the second biggest cathedral in the world in general and the biggest Gothic cathedral. It used to be a mosque at its time. There are still remains on the walls of the cathedral that speak volumes about its past. Moreover it is surrounded by beautiful monuments, people from all over the world on the streets and plenty of shops in case you need something.

Maria Luisa Park

This is the biggest and the most beautiful park in the city. You can just as well go there and spend the entire day walking around and never repeat the same place twice. However, if you only have a few hours to visit the whole city, at least make sure you don’t skip this part. It is one of the most romantic and peaceful places. Surrounded by the beautiful nature, Maria Luisa park might be the perfect place your your rest and snack time. Don’t forget to buy some Cruzcampo, the typical Sevillean beer in order to deal with the warm weather.

The Spanish Square

Known as Plaza de España among the locals, this square might be the most beautiful one in the whole country. It was built for the Expo and it represents a hug to the South American countries. The shape of the square is middle circle which means open arms and a hug to the previously mentioned countries. It is full of tourists which already shows that it is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire city.

The Jewish Quarter

The neighborhood Santa Cruz is the Jewish quarter in Seville. The narrow streets full of restaurants, bars and shops is the loveliest place you would ever want to get lost in. Its streets are so confusing because they are all so similar and short and all of them lead to yet another such street. However, the smell of the nearby restaurants and the typical flamenco music coming from every single corner of the neighborhood would make you don’t want to find the exit.