What To Do When You Need A Style Makeover


After many years of having the same style, you might look at yourself in the mirror one day and simply decide that it’s time to change. Perhaps you’re entering a fresh chapter of your life, such as a new job or relationship, but whatever the reason, enough is enough and it’s the right moment to make some style adjustments.

Whether you decide to make one or even all of the following suggestions is up to you, but believe us, change is for the better and will give you a new look on life!

Turn long hair into a bob

The hair will always be the first place to begin for many people seeking a style makeover. It changes so much of how we present ourselves and a new haircut will never be unnoticed! If you’ve had shoulder-length hair for many years now, then it could be that the classic bob cut is the style makeover you’re begging for. Getting rid of nearly half of the length is so refreshing and frames your face in a totally different way, plus, it’s a little less maintenance in the mornings! Check out these celebs for inspiration, as gorgeous ladies like Kim Kardashian, Emilia Clarke and Emma Stone have all pulled off the look superbly. You could even dye it a different shade if you’re feeling extra revolutionary, going from dark to light or vice versa.

Switch glasses for contact lenses

For anyone who has been forced to wear glasses for basically their entire life, then you’ll know full well just how annoying it can be to have frames on your face all day. If you haven’t already tried it, then give contacts a go instead of glasses. You could start off slow by wearing contact lenses just over the weekend, and then go full-time if you and others absolutely love your new look. You can pick them up online and in many different options, so find out if this conversion to contact lenses is for you. Your friends and family might be shocked at the sudden change, but that’s the whole point!

Try vintage clothing instead of brand new

Every year, there are so many new clothing lines brought out in major shops like H&M, Topshop, and Forever 21, that everything simply blends into one and no real style leader emerges. You have to think differently and wear items which are a tad diverse from your usual wardrobe, as well as everyone else’s! Vintage shops always hold a grand assortment of wonderful clothing from past eras, some of which are only now coming back into fashion. Groovy 70s, wild 80s, or even rad 90s clothing are all seen on the streets of the hottest fashion capitals today.

Modify your makeup

One thing that many women might not realize is that if makeup is worn, it should be to enhance your face rather than cover it up. Minimalist makeup is the way forward. Keep in mind that concealer is great for covering up any spots but mustn’t be overdone, your eye makeup should complement your eye color as much as possible (green eyes = earthy tones, blue = metallic tones, etc.), and you should attempt to emphasize your cheekbones so as to flatter your skin. Eyebrows should be tidy and shapely and any lipstick can look that little bit better if Vaseline is applied first.

Use more accessories

Finally, anyone looking to alter their style must consider accessorizing more. This could be something as simple as changing to hoop earrings instead of studs, wearing a belt on the outside of your dress to accentuate your curves, a new statement watch, or even a nose or lip piercing if you’re feeling very adventurous! Accessories are tricky because if you pile them on your body then you might come across as trying too hard and overdoing things, but if you use them subtly and over a longer period of time, accessories are an easy way to have a style makeover.