What to eat the first month after the pregnancy period


The first few weeks after the pregnancy tend to be complicated. It happens to even be mentally, physically and emotionally draining. Especially the first month is the time when you have to focus on your health and well-being. On the other hand, taking care about your physical appearance it might not be your priority, especially right after giving birth.


However, it is not necessary to leave your home in order to take care about yourself. Actually by only paying attention on what you eat and having a healthy diet is something that can bring you back in form very fast and very easy. That way you can easily get used to the new phase of your life.

It is fair to mention that you might face lack of time. It is obvious that sometimes eating healthy food takes time for preparing. In such a case with a newly born baby you will have anything but time for endless cooking. Therefore, just because you won’t spend hours in the kitchen cutting and preparing fresh green salad, consider the following tips. They will give you a fair idea about your daily meals. That ingredients will give you the much needed energy in order to finish the day without feeling drained.


A meal rich with fiber and proteins will feed you and make you feel full in no time. It is believed that the oat helps you with the lactation if you breast-feed.



The nuts are healthy fats. They contain proteins therefore they are such a good snack. It will give you extra energy as well. Moreover that healthy fats are of crucial importance for your baby’s organs as well as for the development of his brain. On the other hand it will help you in the process of producing milk just like it is good for the metabolism.


Nut butter

Regardless if it is peanut butter, almond butter or of any other nut, the nut butter is such an excellent way of fast consumption of healthy fats and proteins. Just one slice of bread with such a butter will give you extra energy for the rest of the day.



Boiled, fried, just as you wish. You will barely need five minutes to prepare such a meal. Another option is to boil a few eggs in advance and to store it in the fridge for later. The eggs contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are needed right in the period of recovery after giving birth.



The humus is a great supply of proteins, fibers and healthy fats because of the chickpeas and the olive oil. You can either smear it on a bread or you can use it as a sauce and eat it with crackers.


Frozen fruit and vegetable

The reason to use frozen fruits and vegetables is because you will barely have time to go to the grocery every time you need something. You can easily unfroze them in a microwave or you can, just as well, leave them outside the fridge so they can unfroze in a few hours. A good way to consume it is by blending them in a mixer and eating them as a soup or shake.