What to Expect When Eating in a Kosher Restaurant


Eating out – whether by yourself or with friends and family – is not just a way to fill your nutritional needs. It is also a way to catch up with each other and to enrich your knowledge about food, especially those that are not always on your usual fare. Kosher food is one of many types of cuisines that you can try. See for yourself the difference between kosher food and your typical go-to dishes, regardless of the kind of cooking. Kosher eateries are aplenty in New York; you have to research on the best one among the bunch so that your first time tasting kosher food becomes a memorable one. And what do you know, it may just convince you to stick to a kosher diet for good.

Free dessert!

There is a kosher restaurant in Manhattan that will automatically give you free dessert if you mention a word or phrase from the Torah. Now, how cool is that? Time to polish your Torah knowledge to have that free food. Some restaurants also have resident rabbis that interact with customers and teach them a thing or two about Jewish traditions. When you enter a kosher restaurant, expect to be welcomed with open arms and happy faces, even if you are non-Jewish.


Although the kosher diet is very particular about which foods you are allowed to eat, these restaurants offer a range of choices, so you don’t get stuck with a short list. There are even kids’ menus so that even small children get to enjoy kosher food without sacrificing their particular taste for hot dogs and fries. Restaurants offering kosher food are always on top of their game in thinking of innovative ways to improve their food offering but still adhering to the strict rules of the kashrut. You will never run out of food options in a kosher restaurant; shakshouka, falafel, matzoh ball soup are just some of the most popular kosher foods that you must try.

Kashrut expertise

Jewish cuisine adheres strictly to the kashrut, or the rules governing how food is prepared and cooked, as well as the list of prohibited foods that should never be in a kosher dish. These restaurants’ expertise in the kashrut is impeccable; you can rest assured that the food you are eating passed through the most meticulous processes of preparing kosher food.  If you have food allergies, you can always relay them so that you still get to enjoy our kosher food without the risk of getting food allergies. These kosher eateries usually employ people with a vast knowledge of the kashrut and the Jewish culture and tradition as a whole.

Jewish culture and tradition are vibrant, and they are evident in their dishes. They are flavorful, rich and wrapped in amazing history that every bite becomes a lesson in Jewish culture. Once you try Jewish food, you will be looking for it all the time. Jewish cuisine will have a special place in your heart – and your tummy.