What to know about the Breitling Aerospace Evo Watch


Starting with the original Breitling Aerospace design, Breitling’s modern collection has introduced much cutting-edge technology and updated their watches’ internal mechanisms. They have been able to do this while making sure the company’s traditional Aerospace style has been maintained.

Demonstrating that substance and style are very much two sides of the same Breitling coin, the Breitling  Aerospace Evo men’s watch is a precision-engineered tool that offers excellence and makes for the perfect addition to any stylish accessory collection.

The Evo is powered by their traditional Quartz analog movement. It has a  spectacular, grey dial. This not only features a stopwatch but also an intuitive control system that provides enhanced functionality.

The watch is protected with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. It is set in a 43mm polished titanium case. Plus this striking timepiece also has the benefit of a very practical and extremely comfortable titanium bracelet.

You can learn about the Aerospace Evo on NanaDC. Leon Breitling founded the company more than 130 years ago in 1884. From the start, his watches were known for innovative features and high quality.

Analog models were renowned for sleek designs and straightforward maintenance. One distinguishing point came with the launch of the world’s first chronograph for the wrist in 1915.

Breitling further boosted the business’s reputation with the Navitimer and launching a SuperQuartz movement.

However, it was only in 1985 that Breitling first released an analog-digital watch. That was the birth of the Aerospace Evo. Since then, the Evo has been a mainstay of the company’s impressive catalog.

The Evo has become very popular with professional pilots, amateur aviators, and many astronauts. This is partly due to the company’s chronograph models and useful slide-rule bezel that enables aviation-specific calculations to be performed.

The Evo grew out of Breitling’s long history of innovation and its association with aviation. In the 1980s, the business co-branded the Aerospace along with the Chronosport Sea Quartz UDT. It was to become the inspiration for Breitling’s Professional Aerospace watches.

In our review, you will discover that professional Aerospace is nothing if it’s not about functionality. The watch that grew out of the 1980s experience has several bezels. There are also case finishes and classic push-pieces. It’s possible to rotate the bezels for tracking elapsed time. There is also a multi-functional crown. This is central to a watch’s many functions, including activation and selections.

The case is grade five titanium. The body is equally lightweight and impervious to corrosion. The build is also able to withstand water depths of up to 100 meters. Additional functions include a chronometer, a timer, a second timezone, an alarm, a backlit digital display, as well as a perpetual calendar.

There are sapphire crystals in the chronograph and the wrist instruments. This enables glare-proof readability. Each of the synthetic crystals contributes to the reliability and functionality of each Aerospace watch.

The SuperQuartz movement is one of the watch’s unique aspects. The brand’s Caliber 79 movement is as many as 10 times more accurate than its standard quartz counterparts. It is now one of Breitling’s registered trademarks.