What to Look for in a Teeth Whitening Kit


Have you been feeling self-conscious about your smile as of late? Often that feeling of self-doubt stems from teeth that aren’t exactly sparkling white, which is exactly why teeth whitening kits and systems have become such a hot item. With just a simple search you’ll be able to find all kinds of well-known kits and brands with stellar reviews, such as the many auraglow teeth whitening reviews out there regarding this full-system kit, but what should you be looking for in these systems? How can you read through these reviews and pull out all the most important parts?

Here, we’ll break down a few of the basic things you’ll want to look for in a teeth whitening kit or system.


Is It Professional Grade?

The first thing to be aware of is that not all teeth whitening kits and systems are made equal. In order to get the best results, you’ll want to look for a kit that uses professional-grade products. This should be clearly stated in the description. If it’s not professional grade, then you could likely get the same results at home with baking soda and water. Additionally, thorough research and reading reviews from a certain teeth whitening would help you ace the right product. Perhaps, you can seek professional advice from Perimeter Dental Group to ensure safety and be medically approved to use.

How User-Friendly Is It?

You also want a kit that is user-friendly and doesn’t require page after page worth of instructions. No-one has time for that kind of hassle. You need to be able to understand how to use the kit and it needs to perform as described. Some may simply be a strip that is stuck on your teeth, while the more professional-grade ones use refillable trays, and even LED lights for more dramatic results.

How Long is Each Treatment?

The next question to look at is how long each treatment is. Take, for example, the popular Auraglow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System, which needs to be used 30 minutes a day. This is around the ideal time you want to wear one of these treatments. It’s long enough that it will have a substantial effect, but it doesn’t interfere with your daily schedule since it’s only a short half-hour.

Should You Expect to Feel Any Pain?

When you think about teeth whitening, the focus tends to be on the end goal – a whiter brighter smile – but sometimes that comes at a cost. Did you know that depending on the treatment or kit you purchase, you may experience sensitivity or pain? This is why you want to not only read about the product first but also take a look at customer reviews that can back up a pain-free claim.

Will It Damage Your Enamel?

The final question to ask is whether or not it will cause any damage to your enamel. Again, it should be clearly stated in the description of the product and should keep your enamel safe no matter how strong it may be.

Each of these tips will help you wade through the rather massive selection of teeth whitening kits and systems and find the one that works for your needs and your budget.