What to Look for When Choosing a Professional Cleaning Company


Home cleaning services are gaining more and more popularity. Customers turn to cleaning services when they do not have enough time for self-cleaning. Often, cleaning specialists are called after the celebrations when you don’t want to spoil your holiday with routine work. Specialists can also be called to clean non-residential premises.

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 How do you find the right professionals in the cleaning services market? Let’s figure it out.

Company types

All such organizations can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Highly specialized. Such firms usually employ a few employees who work only under certain conditions. For example, only in apartments in the city.
  2. With full service. These companies will take on any job: in the house, in the office, in the apartment, etc.

It is easier for highly specialized companies to hone their skills in providing a service, but if a client needs cleaning in a different type of premises, he will have to look for a new company, which is inconvenient.

Companies with a broad profile will not let you down in any situation. However, when choosing a company, you need to pay attention to the staff size: the company should employ many cleaners with different specializations.

What to look for when choosing

Top-class professional companies work diligently for their reputation. The management of responsible companies understands that a satisfied customer today means more profit tomorrow. Therefore, in such organizations, there is a strict selection of personnel, careful briefing, and training. A mentoring system is provided with the transfer of experience from masters to new employees. How to distinguish professionals from an unreliable office by external signs:

  1. Go to the organization’s website. A serious player in the service market will definitely take care of creating a quality resource on the Internet. The site should be logically structured so that it is easy for you to find the information you need on it. Pages should have useful and adequately functioning elements. For example, a built-in cleaning calculation calculator, an online order form, and a catalog with reports on completed tasks. All this indicates that serious money was spent on the development of the site. This means that the company is already successful in the market or is very serious about it.
  2. Be sure to read the reviews on the company’s site and outside it. Most reviews should be positive, but a small number of negative ones are acceptable.
  3. Pay attention to the information about the equipment: it must be professional and versatile, especially if you need complex cleaning.
  4. Do not mindlessly chase low prices. Often, the lowest price tag can be set by those who significantly save on the quality of tasks.

What are the items for cleaning an apartment?    

All items for cleaning an apartment or office differ from each other in the specifics of application and technology of use. Typically, in providing cleaning services, dry, wet, and wet cleaning are practiced, each requiring a unique set of equipment. For dry cleaning, brushes, a vacuum cleaner, or a sweeper are useful.

Cleaning apartments by wet cleaning method is carried out using water and detergents. Cleaners will need a spray gun to moisten the surface, wet mops, napkins, and rags. The most effective is wet cleaning, which requires the use of a large amount of running water and special detergents. A specific set of inventory will also come in handy:

  • Mops with various types of platforms;
  • Washing vacuum cleaners;
  • Capacity for water intake;
  • washing machines;
  • steam generators;
  • glass cleaners;
  • Carpet cleaning machines.