What Tools You Need to Make Good Coffee


Investing in a coffee machine with ready-made pods is a great way to make sure you get a consistent taste every time. But what do you need if you want artisan coffee created from a brew unique to your tastes? You can be as hands-on in the process as you would like from grinding your own beans to weighing the powder to ensure that rich and delectable taste every day.


Whether you have time to create a masterpiece every morning or if you’re someone who’s on-the-go and just need consistent taste every time in under 2 min, we have some excellent tool recommendations to ensure all your mornings are off to a good start.

Coffee Grinder

You can choose between an electric grinder or a handheld one. We prefer hand held options as they are much quieter in operation and take up less space. Hand grinders are great for 1-2 cups of joe, but if you plan on entertaining guests or make coffee for the whole family, then an electric option is a better choice.

Hand grinding may not be as consistent as an automated machine, but it’s easy to tailor the method and amount to your tastes. You will need to do some testing to get the perfect coffee ratio, but that’s all part of the fun.

Coffee Bean Container

Any avid coffee-lover will tell you the storage of the coffee beans is essential to how the coffee tastes. Vacuum-sealed containers are the best because they lock in and preserve the freshness and taste of the beans. Any tightly sealed glass jar will do, but there are patented vacuum seal technologies you can find in containers on the market that will keep the beans as fresh as possible.


To get the perfectly tailored brew with consistency, you need to invest in a little scale. There are many options on the market but if you don’t need a lot of coffee every day, one that’s a pocket size will do. Make sure the scale is capable of precise readings even down by a 10th to a gram. This way, you can get the ideal ratio every time.


For pour-over drips or French press machines, you may be need a trusty kettle that boils large amounts of water in a short time to give you your morning coffee dose as quickly as possible. We would recommend electric kettles in this case, as they are reliable and will turn off when automatically when the water boils.

The Right Coffee Mug/Cup

Did you know that the right coffee mug can make or break your coffee experience. The cup of choice must be safe to hold hot liquids, so ceramic or glass are the best options. We also know that some metals such as stainless steel in tandem with other materials are great for insulation. However, the safety of your coffee mug has little to no impact on the taste

The materials, and even the shape of your coffee cup can have a profound impact on the flavor and aroma. A round and more bulbous shape will help with the scent and a wider opening on top will help with aeration. Aeration is needed for South American coffee that are darker and more flavorful.

On the other hand, the lighter roasts will require a smaller opening with a more elongated shape.

Double-walled glasses or mugs are recommended for heat retention. But if it gets too hot for some, you can look into single-walled options. To determine the right cup for you, you can try purchasing a wide array of choices to tasting the same brew in different cups to select the best choice. 

A Coffee Maker

Whether it’s a French press or an automated espresso/latte machine. You need one that is highly efficient and convenient. Everyone’s definition of the perfect cup of coffee will vary, so it’s difficult to narrow all the options available to just one best choice. Many coffee machine manufactures in physical stores will provide samples of what kind of coffee the machine can create to give you a better idea.

Take a sip and see if it pleases your taste buds. We also recommend machines that can create a variety of different types of coffee from pure espresso to lattes and even cold fraps. 

ProvenderCoffee.com has a variety of tips and tool recommendations to help you create the perfect morning picker-upper.

The Right Coffee

The right coffee beans are essential to the coffee. They are, in essence, the soul of the flavor. Determine if you like a light, medium or dark roast. As the name suggests, dark roasts will deliver a richer and deeper flavor while light roasts are for coffee drinkers that like a milder taste. 

Coffee beans from different areas of the world will also affect the taste. If you aren’t sure what you prefer, then it’s the perfect excuse to drink tons of coffee from different regions and maybe even host a coffee party!

Extra Tools

Looking at a coffee scoop, timer and more storage options like coffee filter holders are additional tools you may require. While most of these extra add-ons won’t have an effect on the taste of the finished product, they will make your coffee brewing experience faster and easier.

The timer is an important part that will impact the flavor. How long you allow the coffee to sit and brew will influence how it tastes.


When considering any of the above tools, you have to factor in your budget and the quality of the product. We do not suggest sacrificing the quality to satisfy your budget limits, as the cheaper options don’t usually last as long and aren’t built with good quality materials. Also consider the size in regards to your daily portions and how easy it is to use the tools. For something you ingest on a daily basis, we always recommend selecting items made from materials that are safe and FDA approved.