What Vacuum is Best for Your Floor


Every household needs cleaning once in a while, and the handiest tool to help you with keeping your floors and walls squeaky clean is a vacuum cleaner. Most people would think that purchasing a vacuum from the store is like a walk in the park, but it takes a lot more than just a simple pick-and-buy type of situation. There are a lot of things to consider before buying one because putting considerations first before buying is better than going into it blindly.



Before picking out a vacuum cleaner, there are outside factors to consider primarily. These are the following:

  • House Tiles. It is vital that you know the type of flooring that you have in your home. This is to ensure that you know what the vacuum cleaner you are working with would be cleaning. Some types of vacuum cleaners would work well with wooden tiles, some partner well with glass tiles. Either way, it is an important thing to note.
  • Cleaning Habits. Determine whether you are a regular cleaner or an intermittent one. How long are you willing to spend cleaning your house? Or are you the more relaxed laid-back type of cleaner? This factor would indicate whether you would work best with an automatic one or one that needs an extra pair of hands to maneuver.
  • Budget. You have to know what type of budget you are working with to properly choose the vacuum cleaner that is within your price range. The amount you are willing to invest in a vacuum cleaner would also factor in since higher priced appliances generally mean that it will last longer and lower priced ones typically connotes that it is prone to malfunction. Nevertheless, the budget plays a crucial role in choosing one.


Once these preliminaries are factored in and well-put together, it’s time to check and ascertain which vacuum cleaner is best for your floor.

Types of a Vacuum Cleaner

There are five types of vacuum cleaners to choose from:

  1. Handheld: Although not ideal for floor cleaning, the handheld vacuum can reach into places that are not easily reachable. It has versatility and ease that lets the user suck debris and dust from hard to reach areas. It works well with tile and hardwood flooring but does not work well with carpets.
  2. Upright: Proving to have the most powerful and duty-heavy cleaning of your floor tiles, this vacuum cleaner is the most popular among the consumers. Not only do these vacuum cleaners have easy-to-understand instructions, they also are comfortable for usage around the house. It works well on all types of flooring except for more prolonged use on hardwood floors because it scratches the wooden finish.
  3. Stick: This is the type of vacuum cleaner the features a long-stick handle and slim construction of the body. It does not take a lot of storage space in your home, but it does only a decent job in cleaning your home as it is the least powerful vacuum. You might not do a tremendous cleaning job with this model, but it fits right in your closet. It cleans well on all floors, though not as comparable in terms of suction power as the others.
  4. Hybrid: Also known as the Canister, the Hybrid vacuum is a mix between the Upright model and the Stick. It takes the best from both types: the slender construction of the Stick, and the strong vacuum power of the Upright cleaners. While they can be expensive, they are indeed efficient and more multi-functional. Depending on the functionality provided on your model, this type generally works well with all kinds of floors, and can even be used for other parts of the house.
  5. RoboVac. The RoboVac, also called the automatic vacuum, is perfect for the laid back type of cleaners as they require little to no effort on the user’s end. These devices are roaming around the house to pick up dust in a pre-determined fashion. Not only do these vacuums save time, but they also save a lot of energy and can be turned on even when you’re not home. Working with all types of flooring, it does its job with ease, although not as strong and powerful as the others.

Each vacuum type has its own specialty, but each of them packs its unique quality. In keeping with the flooring, you just need quick notes about the types of floors that you have in your home, and it plays a role in your determination.

Choosing and Shopping for a Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have selected a particular type, check the internet or local hardware store for vacuums that are available on the market. You have to watch out for these features:

  • Filtration system and effectivity (Bagless or Bagged). This does not relate only to a matter of preference but a matter of disposal of dust. Pick which option suits you better.
  • Input Power. Check how much electricity the vacuum cleaner needs, and how much electricity does it cost.
  • Suction Power. One of the most important features, suction power, is the one to look out for in each vacuum. This would determine how squeaky clean you would like your floors to be.
  • Weight, dimensions, and storage. You have to choose a vacuum cleaner that is comfortable to work with. Choose one that is not heavy for you to use and one that fits easily when stored in your home.
  • Warranty. If ever you encounter technical problems, a warranty is sure to be of great use. Pick a vacuum cleaner that has a good warranty and customer service.
  • Special Features. What sets your vacuum cleaner apart from others? This is a question answered by the vacuum’s unique features.
  • Durability. It is quite obvious for any product that it needs to last as long as it can. Durability plays a key role in your purchasing because you would want a vacuum that is durable for a more extended period of use.
  • Innovation. This refers to the technological advancements that are inserted into your vacuum cleaner. If you want to check out the latest model of vacuum cleaners that have a different edge than others, here is where you can get more information at squiffyclean.com.


These features may be readily available for inquiry upon a vacuum cleaner seller or product reviews online. Nevertheless, checking out for these features is essential and must be given emphasis.

If you are more of a traditional buyer, you can visit the local hardware stores and try to get information from employees working there. Having a quick chat about your cleaning habits, budget, and specific needs with the seller would land you the smartest great deal on a vacuum cleaner. However, if you are comfortable with online shopping, you can check online stores such as Amazon for vacuum cleaners that fit your bill, just remember to check out all the product reviews before buying one.


Cleaning your house really takes time, effort, and investment. And what you will soon realize is that sweeping just isn’t enough: that’s what where vacuum cleaners set in to accomplished the unfinished business that brooms can’t do.

Buying a vacuum cleaner is easier said than done, but choosing a vacuum cleaner does not have to be that difficult. And with these set of qualities and factors to consider, you would surely be purchasing one that is right for you. Nonetheless, it’s best to know that whatever it is you pick, it should be one you are comfortable using.