What will change the day you decide to live with your partner


This is probably the most exciting part of the life. Looking for a new apartment, switching home places, changing habits, getting used to things you never did before…those are only some of the things that happen the day you decide to continue your life under the same roof with your partner. Some couples do it too soon, others after years of being together, third ones some time before they get married, while there still exist conservative and traditional couples that do it only after they get married and there is nothing wrong with any of them. As we are all different human beings with different feelings and beliefs, raised by different parents in different cultures, we live in time where everything is acceptable.

However, there are some things that are going to change for sure the day you decide to do this step. Some of them will change your perspective and point of view, others will make you become the better version of yourself while others will test your tolerance or even put you in a position to question yourself whether you are with the right partner or did you make a good decision by accepting the challenge to live together with your partner. One thing is sure: you will definitely learn a lots of new things!

  • You will learn a lot more about one another

Independently on how long have you known your partner now, there are probably still things you do not know about them until the moment you start sharing every single minute of the day with them. Therefore brace yourself for the surprises that you are to have. It is up to you whether you will love the new things or not.

  • You will have no choice but accepting each other’s customs

There will surely be things that one enjoys doing better that the other one, however for the sake of commodity and peace at home you would have to accept your partner’s customs even if you are not a great fan of most of them.

  • You will miss each other more when apart
  • You will learn how to valuate and respect the time spent with your partner more by spending some time apart. That means the time when you are at work, when he is playing football with his friends or when she is having a drink with her friends. You will miss having the entire bed only for yourself

Even though your partner’s company could be the safest place on Earth, you will surely miss having the entire bed only for yourself, even if you never say it out loud. It is one of the greatest disadvantages of living with your partner, if one can consider it as a real disadvantage.

  • You will learn new tactics of saving and spending

Sharing your home with your partner does not exclude the sharing of the bills, therefore you will have to find a way of reasonable spending. You will definitely learn some tactics for saving as well.


At the end, there are more advantages than disadvantages of living with your partner. Make sure you both love the idea of living together before you do it. That way you avoid unwilling problems right from the beginning.