What You Can do to Make Your Backyard More Functional and Enjoyable


Thinking about doing something to your backyard and don’t know where to begin? If you want your backyard to be a place where you can relax and unwind, or maybe a place where you can gather and entertain, then think of your backyard as an extension of the rest of your home.

Depending on what exactly you want to use your backyard for, you’ll need a space where you can relax, entertain, or both. Here are three ways that you can make your backyard space both more functional and enjoyable. Choose one or more of these options to create your dream backyard!

#1: Deck, Patio, or Porch Additions

Choosing an Additional Space

One of the best ways to make your backyard more enjoyable is to add a gathering space for you and your family and friends, and this can be done by adding a deck, patio, or back porch. The type of space you add is up to you and what can be added on to your home, though most people choose a patio since it’s easiest to add on.

Decks and porches are pretty similar, except that a porch is covered and a deck usually isn’t. When it comes to choosing one, you can make your decision based on preference, but there are also some things to consider. Decks can be built on almost any type of land, but they require more maintenance as they’re made out of wood. Patios are also less expensive than decks, but a deck will increase your property value more.

Decorating Your Space

Some homeowners choose to decorate their outdoor space similar to their indoor space, with the same decor theme. You can choose any decor style you’d like, as long as it’s cozy and welcoming. Some spaces are a true extension of the interior, complete with an outdoor kitchen and TV. If your outdoor space can’t accommodate an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit also creates a cozy atmosphere.

Porches and decks don’t usually have an outdoor kitchen, but the decor can still be similar to the inside of your home. Decks can also accommodate small fire pits, whereas porches are too closed in for most types of fire pits.

#2: Landscaping Ideas

A beautiful landscape design can also make your backyard more enjoyable. Some of the most popular landscaping designs include:

  • Lush greenery
  • Stone and gravel
  • Woodland theme

Another idea is to create a small or large water feature, depending on how much space you have in your backyard. Add a small stream, fountain, or even a waterfall to your backyard. You can also add a water feature to your pool, if you have one. Also, adding lights to any of these features makes your backyard look much more inviting for nighttime gatherings.

#3: Plant Your Own Garden

A more functional addition to your backyard would be a garden.  Create your own unique landscape by adding a floral garden, or grow your own food in a vegetable garden. You can also plant both flowers and food— whatever your climate allows.

Gardening is also a relaxing activity, so it’s both a functional and enjoyable addition to your backyard. It also provides you with a form of exercise, as well as encourages you to eat healthier if you decide to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Gardening can also be a family activity, so everyone can enjoy all of its benefits.

Remove Pests and Keep Your Lawn Green

Above all else, a healthy and pest-free lawn is needed before any landscaping or building can be done. If you’re doing regular maintenance on your lawn, then you’re already on your way to creating a beautiful backyard. 

However, there can be hidden problems within your lawn that you’re not aware of— such as soil issues and pest problems— and you’ll probably need a professional lawn service to evaluate your lawn before you start any backyard projects. Treating your lawn and making sure that it’s healthy before you start any of these projects will save you from having to worry about it later.

These are just some of the more popular backyard ideas to get you inspired. Everyone needs a different function for their own backyard. For example, a family with small children would probably prefer a pest-free, lush green backyard with a playground set instead of a terraced landscape with a large pool. Your backyard needs may even change over time, but just keep in mind that it all starts with a healthy, well-maintained lawn.