What you didn’t know about Maluma’s life


Today is known as one of the best musicians in the world. The Colombian singer is definitely the biggest star in South America. It is mostly adored by the girls. His physical appearance helps in this fact quite a lot. However, if you study his life a little bit deeper you will not only love him but appreciate him more.


From a poor, modest person to a super star that rules the world. That’s the one-sentence description of Maluma’s life so far. His songs are the most played all around the world. His voice is easily recognizable. There’s barely a person who doesn’t know him. People of all ages adore him. On the other hand whoever claims to dislike him is either because of envy or jealous. If you are a person that appreciates the qualities, you must find something good in him. It can either be his voice, his effort, his life so far, his ambition or the genre of music he plays.


On the other hand you don’t have to love regheton in order to admit his talent and dedication. His fame already speaks volumes. In addition get to know him better. The following facts will reveal something you might never heard before about him. What’s sure is that this twenty four years old Colombian guy runs the world.

His full name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias. However, his artistic name comes from the initials of his close family members’ names. MArli, LUis and MAnuela are his parents and his sister’s names.
He is the most famous South American artist. He has over 30 million of followers on the social medias which beats the record of any other Latin star.
When he was at school he used to sell sandwiches on the break so he could help financially his family. Moreover, that’s how he used to collect money in order to keep with the very first steps of his career.
While at school he won a price on a music show. His uncle gave him the opportunity to record his very first song in a professional studio. It was a gift for his birthday.
Ever since young ages he was one of the most popular among his friends. He used to write love poems and letters for his friends so they can send it to their girlfriends later.
He used to play professional football for eight years. However, he was playing for low category clubs. Later he was obligated to choose between the music and the football. It seems like he has made the right decision.
Maluma loves animals, especially dogs. He used to pet a dog that died in 2014. Suffering his death so badly, he decided to adopt two new dogs, two husky. They are named Boni and Klite.
His favorite kitchen is the Japanese. He loves sushi as well. However, if he really needs to decide for only one plate, he would choose “bandeja paisa”. That’s a typical Colombian plate which he absolutely adores.
He loves the fashion as well. That’s the reason why he has his own fashion line for clothes.