What You Need To Know About Loft Stairs


If you have a non-habitable area in your home that you have not used until now, loft ladders can be the solution to space problems.

The space below deck can be converted into a useful storage place by placing only practical folding or retractable loft ladders.

Retractable Stairs

This type of stairs does not occupy any space, they are very simple to install and easy and safe to use. They do not alter the conditions of the space where they are placed thanks to their compact shape that is completely collected in a drawer flush with the ceiling and provides acoustic and thermal insulation so that the comfort conditions of the home are not compromised.

Characteristics Retractable Loft Ladders

Easy Installation

 If you have the hole, you can install the stairs yourself very simply by following the manufacturer’s detailed instructions and using basic tools.

Ease of Use

The stairs have a very compact shape being collected in a drawer located on the ceiling and separated by a hatch door. With this, they are only seen when needed, remaining hidden the rest of the time. The only necessary condition is that the lower room can have enough space for the maneuver. It should be borne in mind that these stairs are not intended to serve daily use spaces, but rather to store items that do not require daily use on time.


The stairs have all the necessary measures, the handrail, resistant and non-slip steps, to guarantee the safety of the user. You can use them with complete peace of mind.

Components of Loft Ladders

  • Drawer

The drawer is embedded in the edge of the slab that separates the lower space from the upper and is where the stairs will stay when they are folded. It can be made of wood, metal or a combination of a wooden drawer with a metal frame.

  • Hatch

At the bottom of the drawer is the hatch flush with the ceiling. It is made of wood or metal and can have thermal and acoustic insulation and fire-retardant material incorporated. It is the fundamental element to guarantee comfort in spaces. Its underside is aesthetically cared to guarantee a good image in the spaces where it is installed.

  • Stairs

It has lateral stairs and non-slip steps. Made of resistant material, the steps are divided with a hinge on the flight of stairs. They can have various accessories such as railings on top, rubber blocks in contact with the ground, balustrades for the edge of the hole on the upper floor, various finishes of flashing and moldings.

How to Choose Retractable Stairs

The fundamental data to choose the stairs are:

  • A measure of the gap you have
  • Height from floor to ceiling
  • Desired material: wood or metallic
  • Type of stair (section, sliding or scissor), according to the conditions of the hole, the interior space and the comfort of use that we desire.

How Are Retractable Stairs Installed?

The installation is very simple. Between two people and according to the precise instructions offered by the different manufacturers, they will be able to install the stairs quickly and without interrupting the normal activity of the house or causing any problem.

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