What You Need To Know Before Setting The TV Above The Fireplace


One trend that is getting popular among the interior designers is the TV placement over the fireplace. This can double the viewing pleasure and the part where these two are located will instantly become the focal point of the living room. However, there are many pros and cons for setting the TV above the fireplace and all of them needs to be carefully considered before installing some in your living room.

When installing a TV above the fireplace it is essential to wall-mount the TV or maybe even to put it on a stand. This will give you the chance to angle it downward. Setting the right angle will prevent your from getting the bad neck pain that is usually a result of watching the TV really high up on the wall. The right angling is also really important for getting the best picture quality. Besides the angle, there are many other important factors that you should consider, like the head radiation from the fireplace and the distance between the fireplace and the TV. Also, the wiring for the TV must be factored and all the technological clutter should be hidden, because this should be the focal point of the room and as such needs to look pretty and organized.

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The place where the TV is hanged shouldn’t exceed the recommended temperatures, because otherwise the TV function can be affected. So, before setting a TV above the fireplace, check the surface temperature with a thermometer. If its higher than the recommended, then you shouldn’t even think about placing the TV over there. Because, you don’t want your TV image to break down in the middle of your favorite music show or sports game.

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As we have already said above, the placement of the TV is really important for not getting a bad neck pain. So, before setting the TV, find out if that position is the best one for you. Try taping a paper template in the same size as your TV in the place where you want to set the TV. Sit comfortably in your chair or sofa and focus on watching the template. If you don’t feel comfortable and start feeling a neck pain, then that is not the right place for you TV.

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So, would you choose to incorporate a TV above the fireplace in your living room? If you do, then consider all of the above things that we have mentioned, so that you won’t face any problems with the heat, the image quality and of course prevent yourself from bad neck pain. Thank you for reading and stay up to date with us to find many other ideas for your home decor.