What’s Hot in Living Room Design in 2018


If you’re planning to renovate your living room, there are two things that might pose obstacles to achieving your dream. One of them is, naturally, money. It’s easy to fall in love with so many pics of amazing living rooms posted on the Internet, but the question is how much it would cost to have such a design in your home.

The other obstacle is your imagination, i.e. potential lack of ideas. This is especially difficult if you are planning on selling your home after you’ve decorated it, since you need to make it not only functional, but trendy as well. Here are just some of the trends that are currently present in interior design and that should help you make the most of your space and resources.

Paint colours

Although neutral colours seem to remain a popular choice, more and more people are choosing some bolder colours for their living rooms. It was almost impossible to imagine a brooding violet or emerald-green living room until not so long ago. Yet, such choices are now quite normal and even desirable. Naturally, the colour has to go well with the furniture and if you don’t want to replace your old pieces, you might want to stick to a neutral colour on the living room walls.

On the other hand, those brave enough to experiment might want to make the most of using a feature wall to add colour to a confined living room. You could also use colour blocking, i.e. multiple shades in clearly defined sections of a wall if you wish to add a touch of contemporary design to your living space.


Furniture is equally important in interior design. The choice of models and materials is quite overwhelming, but there is one material that is becoming fashionable again. Velvet is associated with exquisite craftsmanship and luxury and it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of people are turning to it when it comes to the material used for sofas.

Again, the colours that are proving to be the most popular are emerald green, purple and orange, which might be somewhat surprising, but only to those who haven’t been following the trends in recent years.

Flexibility is the key

Many living rooms don’t offer as much space as their owners would need or like to have. That’s where clever designs come into play. Modular and multifunctional furniture is the answer to most problems. The fact that a furniture item can be moved around to cater to different needs or that it can serve more than one purpose is now highly valued, especially among those living in rather small and confined living rooms.

TV is still here

With TV sets becoming sleeker and thinner, it has become much easier to find the right space for them in the living room without making the room unfashionable. Once you choose the TV and find the perfect spot, it might be a good idea to hire experts in mounting a TV on the wall, since you need to make sure it’s firmly fixed.

Make it natural

You need to bring as much nature into your living room as possible. The perfect way to do this is to introduce plants and greenery, but you need to be sure you know what kinds of plants can thrive in such conditions. Also, don’t buy a giant plant in a huge pot if your living room is small. Even small cacti can do the trick. The important thing is to have some outdoor elements inside the room.

Statement carpets

Feature walls have become an important element of modern solutions, and feature floors are definitely following in their footsteps. Carpets are making a comeback when it comes to the living room, providing cosiness and warmth. This is especially true when it comes to patterned carpets, which are threatening to overthrow tartans and striped carpets. Another trend worth mentioning is reflected in the attempt to avoid symmetry, thus providing a unique touch.


No matter how big your living room is, it shouldn’t contain anything that you really don’t need there. You won’t find any contemporary solutions which include items that don’t serve a particular function in the living room. So, resist the temptation to keep everything, but try to make as much space as possible in your room, so that everyone feels comfortable in it. Not only is the impression much better, but you’ll also have less to deal with when it comes to cleaning the place, which should save you a lot of time. Finally, the fewer items, the smaller the chances of causing some damage or even injuring yourself.

Needless to say, your living room is always a reflection of your personality. So, if you wish to show people that you are trendy and fashionable, your living room should be organised and decorated in accordance with the latest trends. With the help of these tips, numerous posts on Pinterest and Instagram, and possibly, an interior decorator, your living room will be a real gem and you’ll feel great spending time in it.