What’s The Right Heater For Your Business?


You typically don’t think about heating, when you’re bang in the middle of an Aussie summer. With Australia’s moderate temperatures—and blazing temps during the summer months—we really don’t often have a reason to think about staying warm. Of course, we say and think this, but then the winter months come around, and suddenly we’re bundling up in two or three sweaters and scrambling around the house searching for winter coats.

For business owners, heating during the winter months is a different dilemma entirely. You can’t go and buy a whole heap of winter coats for your customers to wear when they step into your shop or restaurant. And what about your employees? Customers don’t want to have to deal with a human ice block when they’re trying to conduct a transaction or order a meal. So you need to think ahead for those all too brief months of winter chill about how to keep your customers and employees happy and warm without breaking the bank to do so.

So right now you’re probably saying to yourself, I’ll just run down to the shop and pick up 20 or so electric space heaters. Yours keeps the bedroom all toasty and warm for you, so it’s got be the right choice for your customers and employees, right?

Just stop that kind of thinking right now. A room size space heater or two is fine if you have a small shop to heat, but if you have a large space that needs to be heated, even 20 space heaters aren’t going to do the trick. So here are a few options to help you make the decision about your heating needs.


Column heaters:

Column heaters burn heating oil and the heat is then pushed out using a circulating air system. Column heaters are ideal for enclosed spaces where there will be on for long stretches. Several column heaters may be best if you have small shop or office that you need to keep warm.


Ceramic heaters:

Ceramic heaters warm the air around the heating element and then circulate it through several fans, creating wide ranging heat and is ideal for large enclosed spaces. So if you own a larger restaurant or warehouse, ceramic heaters may be the best bet for you.


Electric Radiant Heaters

These types of heating systems, typically give great coverage both indoors and outdoors which can be perfect for all types of application. They’re modern, stylish and cost efficient too. Look for these for all types of spaces as there are models available that will suit every part of your building.


Which ever direction you chose to go into with your heating decisions, make sure you purchase a reputable brand from a reputable supplier, to ensure you stay warm as toast this winter.