What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Cleaners?


If you are looking for a maintenance company to clean your office, you have probably been overwhelmed with the number of choices you have. Hiring a professional company to clean for you is important because an unclean working environment can mean unhealthy employees and unhappy clients.  Having sick employees means reduced production and more payroll money spent on sick days. Before making your selection it is very important to understand the difference between residential and commercial cleaners. 


The Time it Takes and the Cost

Generally speaking, residential cleaning is done in the day when the occupants of the house are away and commercial cleaning is done at night when workers are not in the office. Commercial cleaners tend to work a bit faster as they have more ground to cover in a shorter amount of time. When a housekeeper or maintenance person cleans a home, they will generally charge the customer a fee for the whole job or an hourly fee. They will normally be paid on the day they work. A person will give the cleaner basic instructions for cleaning there home. When you hire a professional cleaning company, you will make a contract with that company, detailing everything that they will take care of when they are on the premises. The company will be paid on specified dates.

The Equipment 

A commercial cleaning company will normally have its own buffers, industrial-strength brooms, and vacuums. Many residential cleaners will use the homeowner’s cleaning equipment. A residential cleaning company may use a homeowner’s own cleaning products, but a commercial cleaning company will most often use a certain brand of cleaning products. A commercial cleaning company will also have power washing equipment. When choosing a maintenance company’s representative, be sure to ask them what kind of equipment and cleaning products they use.  A professional cleaning company should be able to offer hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly products to those businesses that have special requests. 

The Training  

Any cleaning company has certain techniques that they employ when cleaning a home or office. A commercial cleaning company will generally have a training program that its employees must complete before they can work. A company that has its own training program should be very consistent in the quality of its service. When you shop for a cleaning company, be sure to inquire as to the length of a company’s training program and how it differs from other training programs of its kind. 

Types of Services Offered

Does your business have large picture windows that need to be cleaned often? Do you have marble floors that need to receive special attention?  A commercial cleaning company should offer all of the services you need to be taken care of for your office environment. Make sure to have a potential company come to your office first to make sure they have the skills and equipment to maintain all the areas of your office. 

If you ask the right questions and do your homework, you should be able to find a commercial cleaning service that is perfect for your office. Be sure to take advantage of the free estimate offered by Matthkevin.Inc.