When is the Best Time of Year to Trim an Oak Tree?


While some people might tell you that you can trim tree branches all year long, that is certainly not true. If you choose to trim your oak tree during an unpreferable time of the year, you can hurt the foundation of your tree. Cutting live branches and ensuring the health of your tree is an art that requires patience, knowledge, and technique. 

Spend the Summertime Climbing

All of us enjoy spending summer in the outdoors. Your oak trees are likely to flourish and grow tall during the summer season, but that does not allow you to begin trimming it. Summer is actually the worst time of the year to trim the branches of an oak tree. Instead of bringing your tree trimmer out in the sun, let it relax in the shed until the fall season arrives. 

When Should I Trim?

The best time to trim an oak tree is any time between late fall to early spring. If you ask a professional, they will probably give you a time period between November 1 to April 1. The reason why this specific time of the year is better to trim your oak tree is because the tree is less susceptible to catching disease and infestation. If you trim your tree in the summer instead, you are exposing it to a plethora of diseases and adding risk to your own garden. 

What If I Trim an Oak Tree in the Summer?

In simple words, trimming an oak tree in the summer can result in a fungal disease known as oak wilt. When you trim the branches of your tree, you are creating an intentional wound. If there is a spread of disease in nearby trees, the fresh wound is likely to become infested by the disease quickly and damage the root of your strong oak tree. Contrary to popular belief that an oak tree can withstand any disease, oak wilt fungus can tear down even the strongest oak. This infestation is spread via tiny sap beetles that are highly active through the summer season between April and August. 

Contacting the Professionals

Having a large oak tree in your yard can create an unmatched aesthetic appeal. Not only will the large canopy provide shade on bright summer days, but an oak tree can compliment your entire yard effectively. It is important to remember that you cannot let an oak tree grow uncontrollably. While the tree requires less maintenance, you will need to invest in trimming every 2 years. If you prune the oak tree properly, you can extend its lifetime significantly. 

Trimming can be a complicated task since one wrong move could result in the fatality of your beloved oak tree. If you don’t want to take any risks, consider contacting professional tree trimming in Orange County, CA. Since local experts tend to have more knowledge, the professionals will help you trim the trees in the right season and abide by local ordinances.