When Your Design Aesthetic Is Geek Chic


Did you know that May 25 is officially Geek Pride Day?

While you can definitely go crazy with your geeky flair on that day, why not make every day Geek Pride Day in your home? There are many excellent ways you can show off your geek chic style without having it be too “in your face.”

Here are some ways to decorate your home so it can match your geek chic style!

Think Functional

Lots of geeky things are made to be just solely art. But if you only buy this type of geeky stuff, then you’ll be left with lots of things you just stare at.

One great place to accessorize and show off your geek chic style is the kitchen. For example, you can get a Sonic Screwdriver pizza cutter or Dalek cookie cutters. That way, your geeky purchases can serve multiple purposes.

Hang Merchandise on Your Wall

A great way to perk up your walls is to hang things up on them! You can always commission art pieces from your favorite shows and movies, or you can purchase photos to frame.

You can also consider hanging merch, such as a double-sided lightsaber. This can help tie everything together and what’s great is, it can double as a functional toy!

Geek up Your Pets’ Items Too

If you’re a dog or cat owner, then you probably spoil your pets rotten. Why not go the extra mile and make them as geeky as their humans? After all, you can cram in even more geeky chic items by replacing their plain bed with one that’s from your favorite show.

For example, if you love Super Mario games, replace your cat’s bed with a Chain Chomp one! Not only will it be cute, but it’ll go with the rest of your Nintendo decor.

Less Is More

We know: it can be hard to resist buying every single item from your favorite franchise. But not only is it a huge drain on your bank account, but it’s also going to make your house look cluttered.

Instead of spending $10 here and there on little pieces of art, resist that temptation. Save up that money and spend $100 on one major piece that you really like.

This will allow you to display one main geek chic item rather than scattering tons throughout a room.

If you really can’t resist buying all those Pop Dolls, then at least consider storing the majority of them in your closet and only displaying a few. As the months go by, rotate them out to get fresh art on display.

Make Your Home Geek Chic With Our Tips

If you were stuck before, then hopefully, this article’s given you some great inspiration on how to make your home geek chic.

As you can see, there are definitely ways to incorporate your passions into your decor, all without making it too overboard. So what are you waiting for? Get to revamping your rooms to really make them unique!

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