Which iPad is best for your studies?


The way in which we study, particularly in higher education, has changed rapidly over the last 10-15 years. You only need to go back a decade to find a time when virtually every university student was taking notes by hand and heading to the library to do their work. Today, however, students have a number of additional technological convenience tools that can help them study in a more dynamic way – one of those being the iPad.

The iPad has gone from a lounge accessory in its infancy to a versatile living and learning tool today, and while it’s far from an essential for those studying, it sure can help make parts of your learning experience easier if used properly. The question is, with some much choice out there, which iPad actually works best for those looking for study help?

How can an iPad help while studying?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using pen and paper to take your notes, nor are you particularly losing out by hammering out your essays on a library computer. But it’s always nice to optimise that process if you can, and an iPad is effectively an enhancement accessory for your studies that can offer help with the following:

  • Paperless learning
  • Visual/creative learning
  • Multi functionality that can remove the need for a laptop day-to-day
  • Quick, transferrable note taking
  • Effective go between for your paper notes and laptop, enabling you to pull the two together through a secondary study aid.

Which iPad is best for studying?

The best iPad for you largely depends on what your needs are going forward. Perhaps you need the best budget option, or you’re wanting to go all out with the most powerful iPad available. Here are our recommendations based on a few key priorities you’re likely to have as a student:

  • Best budget option: the iPad 10.2in (2020)
  • Most powerful option: iPad Pro 11in (2020)
  • Best portable option: iPad mini (2019)
  • Best features: iPad Air (2020)

You can find a great run through of why each of these iPads is best for their role through this Macworld article. If you’ve already got an iPad but are looking to swap it out for one of these more student appropriate options, you can always use an iPad trade in to get some extra cash towards your new purchase.

What iPad accessories are best for student life?

You can get all sorts of accessories and upgrades for your iPad, but there are three rather simple ones we’d recommend for students looking to get the most from their device:

  • A quality case: nice and simple, but a real-life saver in day-to-day studying, a quality case will not only offer protection against any bangs or breaks, but you’ll also be able to find cases that accommodate the key accessories you need for studying – so you can keep everything safe in on place.
  • Apple Pencil: the Apple Pencil is a huge bonus to students who are looking to do anything from take notes to create precision drawings. Depending on what iPad you choose, you’ll want to pick either the first- or second-generation option.
  • Magic Keyboard: for students who study heavy writing and report focused subjects and don’t want to deal with the palaver of non-keyboard life, the Magic Keyboard is a hugely helpful accessory for both the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Will you make an iPad part of your study repertoire? With the latest devices actually releasing at prices more affordable than their predecessors, iPads are becoming more of a staple in higher education each and every year. If you fancy making your learning experience a more intuitive one, it might be worth thinking about jumping on the bandwagon.