White Picket Fence Garden Ideas That Will Make You Say WOW


A white picket fence is a popular choice, especially if you want to add to your curb appeal. Such fences are considered as the symbol of quiet, middle class life in the suburbs and besides being functional these fence look really nice. Picket fences are often white and wooden and are great for planting some flower beds next to them.

So, the neutral color of these fences make great combo with any type of plant. So, some beautiful foliage and flowers popping through will make these fences look even more amazing. Roses and hydrangeas maybe the best and most popular choice for such fence gardens but you can plant any other flower you want. Below, we have picked several ideas of white picket fence gardens. Check them out and get inspired for your fence decor. Enjoy!

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White Picket Fence Garden Ideas


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A white picket fence will add to your curb appeal especially if there are flowers growing in front of, around, or through the fencing. Flowers and shrubs will definitely transform the look of the fence. And if you don’t want to plant a flower bed, you can at least hang some planter on the fence. Just make sure to secure it well, since it can be quite heavy when filled with soil.

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Hydrangeas will for sure add a splash of colors to your outdoors, thanks to the captivating beauty of these flowers. They require low-maintenance which makes them perfect choice for the picket fence.

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So, how did you like the above white picket fence garden ideas? Would you choose some such fence for your outdoors too? Tell us in the comments and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your outdoors.