Whole Home Generators: Coping with Any Crisis


Sadly, power outages are far from a rare occurrence in Illinois. In 2014 fuel supply emergencies caused hundreds of hours of outages in January alone. From severe weather to electrical failures, numerous hazards can rob you of the comfort and convenience that steady electrical power provides.

If you’re sweating at the thought of food spoilage in summer or a freezing home in the dead of winter, there is a solution. A whole-home generator can keep you safe in the event of a major power outage. This type of generator does more than just power your appliances and heat. It will even keep your indoor lights on and entertaining electronics going strong.

While a generator is a wonderful convenience for most, it can actually become a life-saving device for some. If you rely on medical equipment that’s powered by electricity, such as a ventilator, a whole-home generator becomes more than just a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. Don’t let a power outage send you into emergency survival mode. With outages as likely as they are, it’s important to prepare your family appropriately so you can weather any storm.

If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of a whole-home generator, as well as the likelihood that you’ll need one for your Illinois home, check out the handy infographic from Black Diamond Plumbing and Mechanical Inc. You’ll find all the essential information available at a glance, from a run-down of appliance wattage to some handy tips for selecting a whole-home generator of your own.