Who´s responsable for Real Madrid crisis


We are almost in the middle of the second half-season of the football´s leagues in Europe and the tables more or less already show the names of the potential winners of the leagues. The Spanish first division, known as Spanish La Liga, keeps on being one of the most interesting yet unpredictable leagues not only in Europe, but in the whole world in general. The clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico de Madrid, even Sevilla, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao are always in a battle of who is going to win the throne. As all of these clubs are clubs with great history and winning spirit, the competence is always close and it leaves the fans in doubts and unexpectancy. However, this is what makes the league interesting and calls the attention of the fans. You never know who is getting the throne untill the very last round of matches.

But if we put the accent only on Real Madrid which is considered to be the club with most trophies in the world, named as “the club of the century”, we can see that even they, just like any other club, are suffering the changes in the structure of the club, which brings them to the edge of crisis, with or without their will.

The club has suffered a lots of changes. Baring in mind that they have managed to win the Champions League three times in a raw, something never made it before them, which turned them into thirteen times Champions League winners and leaving them far ahead of the winner clubs that follow. However, what you see on the pitch is not the real atmosphere in the changing room. It seems like the players are tired and wated and need a break in order to recharge the batteries of the body.

First of all, in such a shot period of time they let Zidane leave the club, something he asked for. Some of the fans criticize him while others claim he did good by leaving the club at the very top, at the peak of the glory, leaving like a king. But it seems like Real Madrid had troubles in finding a good replacement for him. They tried it with two new coaches in only a few months, seeing no good results as they firstly supposed to see.


On the other hand, not only the impecable coash is the only one who left the club, but the best player, the star of the club decided to do the same, leaving the fans in worry. Cristiano Ronaldo, the best all time scorrer of the club, the one who left his heart and soul playing for the kings, decided to change the white kit for the Old Lady’s black and white. Real Madrid tried to find solutions and replacements for Ronaldo, signing Vinicius Jr, Brahim and Mariano Diaz who are believed to be the future stars of the club.


It seems like they, however, are facing troubles to go through this crisis. The results are not promising and most of the Madridistas have already throwed the towel when the “La Liga” is in question. The said truth is that they are already out of the “Copa del Rey” being defeated by the biggest rival, Barcelona. Now the only trophy they still have a chance to bring back home to Bernabeu is the Champions League. This Tuesday they are facing Ajax, which will decide whether they finish the season in the beggining if March, or they are still in play for at least one trophy.

However, we need to know that Madrid is a club that never fives up, always comes back,therefore knowing this fact we are expecting a great match on Tuesday.