Why A Road Trip Through Scotland Should Be On Your Bucket List


A country brimming with history and culture, Scotland offers something for everyone. Breathtaking scenery and castles, infamous golf courses, and world-beating whiskeys, it is no wonder the tourism industry in Scotland is worth billions. With numerous road trip routes to pick from, all offering picture-perfect views and amazing camping spots, a road trip through the Scottish Highlands should definitely be on the bucket list. 

Below we explore some the best Scottish Route trip routes, from action-packed paths to relaxing routes through the rolling countryside, there is a road trip route in Scotland for everyone. 


Borders Historic Route

Starting in the English town of Carlisle, this route will take you through 89 miles of the stunning Scottish countryside. There will be plenty of charming little villages to stop off at for some traditional Scottish pub grub, or if the weather is agreeable the banks of the River Tweed make for a perfect picnic spot. End your journey through the countryside in the Historic Capital of Edinburgh and play tourist for the day visiting spots such as Edinburgh Castle, or the infamous Greyfriars Kirkyard

North Coast 500 

If you fancy a longer road trip, North Coast 500 is a must try. You can drive, cycle or even walk, the 516 miles of this infamous route. Starting in Inverness, during this road trip you will experience some of Scotlands best coastal scenery and breathtaking beaches. It is recommended you take 5-7 days exploring North Coast 500. Preparation for this trip involves securing an appropriate vehicle, arranging camping or booking accommodation in some of the towns and villages along the way. 

Snow Road Scenic Route 

This 90-mile road trip begins in the charming little town of Blairgowrie and takes you on a journey through the Cairngorms, one of Scotland’s most iconic mountain ranges, capped with snow all year round. The wild and rugged highland scenery, the enchanting glens, and majestic waterfalls are picture perfect, and the route is full of activities such as hiking, cycling, and skiing to quench any adventure lovers thirst! Or quench your thirst a different way by visiting some of the country’s best whiskey distilleries

The Argyll Coastal Route

Take in the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond as you drive the scenic route to Fort William. There is plenty to do along this route such as dining on fine Scottish seafood or exploring old castles. This route is ideal for lovers of wildlife. Take a boat to the Isle of Iona, where on the route you may spot sea life such as whales, dolphins, and puffins. 

Something For Everyone

Scotland is a place that captures the hearts of all who visit. Whether you are a thrill seeker, looking for a  road trip packed with outdoor activity, a historian looking to soak up the culture, or a lover of fine food and whiskeys, Scotland has something for you. It is a journey you will never forget!