Why Air Filters are Important for Your Home


When you think about all of the important parts of your home a few different features might come to mind: the roof certainly, since it keeps you safe and protects you from the elements; windows too, since they let in—or keep out—light and air. One part to which you might not give much consideration is the air filter.


There are many different reasons why air filters are important to the home, but the main one is that they keep the air inside the home clean and fresh. There are other benefits to having a great air or furnace filter, but that is the big one. Keep reading to find out why air filters are important for your home, and to learn about the various benefits that they impart.

Air Filters Block Allergens and Pollutants

AIr filters improve the air quality of the home, and one of the ways that they do so is by filtering out pollutants and allergens that pose a health risk to vulnerable people. That includes babies and very young children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised. An air filter can trap many of those particles and prevent them from getting into the home.

If you find that you, or anyone you live with, is experiencing allergy related symptoms inside the house, then it is possible that the air filter does not have a high enough MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and refers to how efficient filters are at removing particles from the air. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter. Not every home needs an air filter with a high MERV rating, but it is necessary for homes that have people that are highly susceptible to allergens.

Air Filters Can Help You To Save Money

An air filter that is working efficiently can help to reduce the energy costs of the home, thus saving money. The reason is that when air passes through the filters, it creates resistance, and the greater the resistance of the filter, the harder the fan in the HVAC system has to work. That is why it is important to make sure that your filters are efficient and well maintained.

A dirty filter creates more resistance which increases the energy consumption of the home. Making sure that the air filter is in good condition and cleaned regularly should be a regular priority of any homeowner. An air filter with too high a MERV rating can also cause the fan to work harder because it creates more resistance. That is another reason why it is important to choose an air filter with a MERV rating that is right for your home.

Air Filters Improve the Overall Air Quality of Your Home

It’s not just the ill or infirm that can benefit from clean air in the home, everyone can benefit from the improved air quality that an air filter provides. Clean air helps to maintain respiratory health, plus it makes everyone feel better, and helps to remove foul odors from the air. That can make the indoor environment more pleasant for everyone who lives in the home.

Get The Right Air Filter For Your Home

An air filter is vital to the air quality of your home, which is why you should make sure that the filter you get is the right one. It is necessary to get a filter with a MERV rating that is right for your home. It is also necessary to make sure that your filter gets cleaned or replaced on a regular basis before it gets too dirty. That is because a dirty air filter is even worse than no air filter. So, if you need air filters for your home, then you can find them here.