Why Choose Block Paving for Your Commercial Project


As new commercial developments become more commonplace, there has been a greater drive to create greener and more sustainable commercial landscapes that are designed for the future, as well as the here and now. With a much bigger focus on the impact of commercial spaces on the population’s wellbeing, many architects and designers are now facing new challenges along with construction regulations.

When it comes to paving for commercial projects, longevity and performance are key considerations that will continue to be highly valued. Brett Landscaping take a look at why block paving could be the solution.

Key features of block paving

Block paving has been designed to stand the test of time, withstanding wear and tear as well as resistance to general weathering. This ensures block paving is a cost-effective solution for areas that require paving that doesn’t just look appealing but also does the job. Block paving is also available in different thicknesses to suit trafficking requirements, including pedestrian and commercial traffic. While most commercial applications require 80mm, there are other options available to suit your needs. 

With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to block paving. Offering both functionality and an attractive appearance, block paving can be applied to an array of different commercial projects. What’s more, block paving has a high slip resistance, which is crucial in areas of high traffic.

As commercial projects become under greater scrutiny to be greener and more sustainable, permeable block paving can allow surface water to drain away, in order to avoid flooding or pooling.

What makes block paving a great choice for commercial projects?

With features that make block paving both durable and attractive, it’s no wonder so many architects, designers and contractors opt for this style for commercial projects. Block paving is ideal for a range of applications, from driveways and car parks to more prestige city centre environments, thanks to the endless design possibilities together with kerbing and edging options.

Block paving is scalable in order to suit the size or shape of your project, and is often available in single size or mixed size packs, making it very a practical choice if you need to grow your project over time. With that in mind, block paving is also a cost-effective solution, which is so important if you have a budget to keep within for your commercial project. You just need to find the right company that not only offers professional commercial paving services but also can provide those services within your budget.

For architects and designers working on a commercial project, seeking the right aesthetic is just as important as finding hard-wearing functionality. Block paving could offer both, resulting in an efficient paving solution for a variety of commercial applications.