Why DIY Termite Control Will Cost You More


We live in a society that thrives on the DIY mentality. If you can do something for half the price, why wouldn’t you? However, some things are better left to the professionals. Mechanical work on your car, electrical work in your home, and pest control are a few worth noting.

While taking preventative measures against termites is encouraged, it’s always better to bring in the experts when you’re alerted to their presence, perhaps even before. Here is why DIY termite control can cost you much more.

Early Termite Detection Is Crucial

When it comes to finding termites the sooner they are discovered, the better. Basically, you want to know of any termite presence before the damage is done. Termites are not easy to find, they often can be hidden inside wall cavities and in concealed timbers of your house. Most homeowners do not have the knowledge and the experience to notice the very first signs of a termite infestation before significant damage occurs.

This is the reason why Pestworks pest control and termite experts advise homeowners to schedule regular inspections by your local, qualified and experienced  professional. They They have all the skills and the right equipment to find termites quickly, alert the unaware homeowner and most of all, prevent termites from continuing to cause further damage.   

Consider The Risk

Keep in mind the fact that sometimes the DIY approaches we find online for getting rid of pests do not work as well as advertised. While that might be acceptable when trying to deter ants, cockroaches and other minor annoyances, it isn’t when it comes to termites. Yes a DIY approach may work on the surface, but it will not get rid of termites inside walls. Low quality  products and homeowner’s limited knowledge as how to use them correctly, can only result in termites being driven into the structural frames of your house.You will think they have gone, but in fact termites will silently continue to cause further damage.

Termite Damage Repairs Can Be Expensive

The cost of termite damage repairs in your house can cost you thousands, especially if structural damage is done. If that is the case, your home may become unfit to live in. As termite damage isn’t usually covered by homeowner’s insurance, you could find yourself in trouble very quickly. While you may save money on a professional termite inspection and treatment by taking the DIY approach, you could end up paying it back with substantial interest if this approach fails.

Termite Species

There are many different species of termites, broken down into three classifications: drywood, dampwood, and subterranean. Subterranean are responsible for the most damage in the USA. Drywood termites are smaller than subterranean termites, meaning they don’t cause damage as quickly. However, this can also make them more difficult to detect. Dampwood termites are rare in homes.

Qualified and experienced termite professionals will know where to look for signs of all these  different termite species, identify them, and outline an effective treatment plan. While a DIY approach might work on some of these termites, it could fail against others. Variances in your type of wood, climate, and geographical location can ultimately impact your results as well.

DIY You Should Do

When it comes to controlling termites, it’s worth pointing out that you should be taking some preventative steps yourself. Between scheduled pest control visits, make sure you don’t stack wood or brush alongside your house. Don’t keep paper products such as old files or cardboard boxes and wood in your crawl space. Remove mulch from around the house. Make sure there is no leaks. Keep all gutters clean and trim shrubs and plants away from your house to avoid moisture build up.

While these aren’t your typical internet DIY fixes, these easy actions can go a long way in preventing a termite infestation and subsequent damage. If you think you have noticed any signs of termites, you should start the DIY project by picking up your phone and calling the professionals right away.