Why do we fear the future when it is not even here


The most common problem nowadays happens to be the people’s own brain. To be more precise, more and more people are suffering the consequences of the overthinking process. It might sound funny, even silly, but is the new age problem that the people should seriously be more concerned about.

What does the process of overthinking do to your body?

First of all, it brings you back to the time that’s already gone. That means you care about something that’s already done and most likely will happen never again. You fill your whole body with stress and tension once again after everything has come to an end. By overthinking you bring to your reality and current moment all the worries you used to have. That means you re-live that very moment of suffering.

Most people confuse the process of overthinking with the act of being responsible. The truth is it has nothing to do with it. However, we have been taught all our lives that if you do not care and worry too much about something, that means you are trying to avoid the responsibility. That’s where the key is. If we would have been taught that the less you care and the less effort you put, the problem comes itself with a solution.


Easier said than done. Absolutely fair answer. However, whoever is willing to overcome this will work on himself enough so to understand it. There are plenty of courses, books, videos and coaching classes that deal with that very topic. Therefore, the answer to the question “Why do we fear the future when it is not even here?” would, once again be the same. Our own brain and the process of overthinking.

The useless process of overthinking and its impact on the future

By the process of overthinking we tend to include the logic somewhere in between. That´s because our minds are limited and we want to find a logic connection and solution for everything. However, more often than not, we can´t see the bigger image of everything that´s happening. Therefore we come very often with wrong conclusions.


Well, the future, just like the past is a period of time we have nothing to do with. At least not at the current moment because all we have is the now. On the other hand, unlike the past, we can somehow influence, therefore predict the future. The first thing we can do is to stop the process of overthinking the very moment we catch ourselves in such situation. Or there is yet another useful thing we can do, now that we like the act of “thinking too much”.


What the experts suggest is to do a creative visualization. That means instead of plotting scenarios that probably won’t happen ever, we can just as well imagine a final result as we would like to see it. On the other hand, the more we think about the worst scenario in order to predict the future, what we actually do is keeping ourselves on a low vibration. That means that the more we think about it that way, the higher the possibilities for it to happen. So if you want to avoid problems the easiest way, just keep yourself busy day dreaming about the willing result. That’s how you play on the safer side.