Why I Used an Instagram Bot to Get More Followers


When it comes to Instagram success, followers are key. You need to have an audience, no matter what your marketing goals. Attracting a targeted group of followers can be time-consuming and difficult when you’re just starting out on the platform. Fortunately, automation can help to give your follower count a boost.

An Instagram bot is a tool that automates the process of following users and liking their posts, along with other useful actions. Read below to discover why I used an Instagram bot to get more followers and the advantages you can gain from giving it a try, too.


1. Higher Exposure

A formula for success on Instagram relies on engaging with your followers; however, you first have to find quality followers in order to engage with them and to build relationships. That’s where an Instagram bot comes into play. This automated tool can help you to be seen by more people who are relevant to your niche than you would be able to initially find on your own.

The software can be programmed to automatically follow certain hashtags or demographics. Frequently, once you follow someone, they will check out your profile and potentially return the follow. When you can automate this process, your content will be seen by more users than you could get it out to on your own.

2. Faster Results

Once you start following people automatically and gaining exposure, the process begins to move along quite quickly. That’s essentially the definition of “automation.”

With an automated Instagram strategy in place, you’ll begin to see the people you follow convert to followers of your own. An Instagram bot allows you to set specific parameters in order to target the most relevant users. Once you follow them and they check you out, it’s quite likely they’ll convert to followers of your account. After all, you specifically targeted users that are relevant to your brand with the potential to be interested in the product you offer.

Why wouldn’t they choose to give you a follow? Just be careful not to follow too many accounts at once, as this can tip off the Instagram algorithm and seem spammy. The key is to gain quality followers, not to grab every single follower you can. Engagement is important. You want an audience that participates with your content and enjoys it so that they’ll come back again and again.

3. Quality Followers

Though fast results are possible by using bots, these are real followers, unlike those you’d get if you were to buy followers. Buying followers usually gets you fake accounts that were created for the purpose of making money. Numbers are useless without engagement. A loyal following that enjoys and interacts with your content is essential to Instagram success.

You want an audience who will ultimately visit your site, spread the word about your product and make purchases. Fake accounts can’t do that. Instagram automation nets you real users with a genuine interest in what you have to offer because you choose the types of audience you want to grow through filters.

An Instagram bot finds and follows relevant users, who then check out your profile and make the decision to follow you based on true interest in what they find there. Your new followers will be real followers, the kind who will like your posts, make comments, participate in your contests and message you with questions. These are the kinds of followers that are likely to convert to brand evangelists and customers.

4. More Efficient Use of Time

Gaining followers on your own takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication. It’s practically a full-time job on its own. You’ll have time for little else when you’re tied down to your smartphone or computer reading profiles, following accounts, liking posts and making comments. With automation, some of this burden is taken out of your hands. The followers will be brought to you without much investment on your part.

Therefore, you’ll have time to work on other critical aspects of social media marketing. Gaining quality followers is by far not all that’s required for true Instagram success. If you want to keep those followers, you must maintain a professional, interesting and engaging account. Your content has to look good, with beautiful and intriguing photography.

There are lots of features to learn and to use on Instagram, such as Stories and Live. Video content, polls, and contests keep followers interested and engaged. Forging relationships with influencers and planning new campaigns is another aspect of Instagram marketing. You can focus your precious energy on these tasks instead of looking for followers. An Instagram bot gives you a jump on the process.

5. Proof of Success

An Instagram bot offers you unique analytics. You can see in real time what’s working and what you need to tweak. If you’ve set parameters that aren’t getting you the results you’d hoped for, a little more research and a few adjustments can have you back on track. For example, perhaps you’ve set your bot to follow a particular hashtag that simply doesn’t seem to be paying out as you’d hoped. No problem. Choose a new one and give that a try.

There’s no need to spend days or weeks on a strategy that’s going nowhere. You have the ability to monitor your progress toward gaining followers and customize your adjustments in a way that makes sense.

There you have it, the list of reasons I used an Instagram bot to get more followers. Automation isn’t a scam, and it isn’t a fad. It’s a tested method for saving you time and gaining quality results.