Why is Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary?


It is a sweltering summer’s afternoon. You are coming home after a long morning outdoors and it is the hottest time of the day. You unlock your front door and you find that instead of being cool as you expected, your house is stifling. What could have caused this? If you fail to maintain your air conditioning system, the answer to this question could leave you paying a lot of money. But that is not the only problem a poorly maintained air conditioning system causes. Read on to discover more.


Hogging the Power

An air conditioner unit pulls five per cent more power for every year that it runs without maintenance, and this includes energy-efficient units. This power drain is caused by the decreasing efficiency of the parts within your unit as they weaken and start to break down. Maintaining the system and replacing these faulty parts as they start to wear out will save you hundreds of dollars on your power bill over time. Having more money in your pocket each month is always a good thing.


Save on Repairs

Air conditioner repairs can be very expensive. Just one bad breakdown can put you out hundreds of dollars in repairs. However, if you spend a bit of money and maintain your system with a little love and care twice a year, your repair bills will be much less, as you will be replacing those worn and broken parts as they happen instead of waiting for them to cause a chain reaction that further breaks your unit.


Warranty Issues

Your air conditioner may have come with an amazing factory warrantee. However, if you fail to maintain the system, that warrantee may be void due to neglected maintenance. After all, annual maintenance is a condition under many factory warrantees, and without it, the factory can legally refuse to honor the contract if something comes up though your air conditioner will technically still be under warrantee. Surely you do not want to buy those needed repairs out of pocket.


Air conditioner maintenance may be one of the best things you can possibly do for your system. It prevents larger problems from developing. It also will save you money, increase efficiency, and overall save your sanity. Wattle Grove provides air conditioning service. Their technicians are friendly and knowledgeable and their prices cannot be beat.