Why it is healthy to eat alone in a restaurant


The meal is one of the most important things you do during the day, therefore you better make it be special. That’s how you show self love and care about yourself. The better you eat, the healthier food you consume the higher your vibration, the better your life in general. Actually your mood also depends on the food you eat on daily basis so you have to pay closer attention on what you eat.


A lot of people consider eating alone as loneliness, something sad, even shameful. For others is something they enjoy doing, in fact, their perfect activity. It makes them relax on their own and enjoy the flavor of the food without getting distracted. So according to a survey made by Forbs, the people who prefer or rather enjoy having a meal on their own tend to be more confident and value their own time. For the sake of that very research, it was made a survey among people at age 25 and 34. As much as 80% of them revealed that they don’t mind having a meal on their own because they really appreciate their own company and need no other to entertain them. They feel completely comfortable going to a restaurant without their partner, friends, or any other person. Find the best restaurants at MKLibrary and enjoy your next meal alone or with your partner.


On the other hand, only a small number of people confessed that they would rather wanch the five scariest movies one after another before they go to a restaurant alone.

The experts who have made this research all agree that the people who said they have no problem eating alone are less likely to suffer from depression in their life. They are considered to be strong people with strong personalities and especially someone who does not care about the opinion of the others, because the people who rejected doing the same actually feel embarased if they are seen with no company in a restaurant, therefore the opinion of the others matters too much for them. They suggest that everyone who wants to help themsef, grow stronger no matter how old they are, and improve the quality of their life, they should start by this little, simple yet useful exercise: eating alone in public. They do not connect the fact that someone eats alone in a restaurant with being alone, but rather they consider it as a quality time spent alone.


Another advantage of eating alone in public is that you can be fully present in the moment and enjoy every single food you place in your mouth because you don’t have to speak all the time. You have all the time in the world to choose whatever you want to order for yourself without anyone’s suggestion what’s best for you.

Yet another advantage of the same activity is that you will overcome the fear of being seen alone in public. You have to bare in mind that not everyone you see around cares that much, so the people do not even notice if you are alone or in a good company. It’s something that only exists in your head, therefore relax and keep trying the times that it is necessary.