Why it’s Important to Hire a Licensed and Experienced Plumber


Most people attempt to fix plumbing problems by themselves at home. After all, it’s easy to find DIY plumbing videos online. Thus, you’ll want to fix a plumbing issue yourself whenever it arises.

DIY plumbing often seems cheaper and more efficient than hiring plumbers. While DIY plumbing might appear as the cheaper alternative, it can lead to damages on your property or worsen the situation. Whether its unclogging toilets or fixing broken pipes, DIY repairs may end up being costlier.

It’s better to hire licensed and professional plumbers whenever your home experiences a plumbing problem, advises Fast Plumbers. Licensed plumbers usually have the necessary certifications and training required to practice plumbing.


Here’re the reasons why homeowners should hire experienced plumbers rather than doing plumbing work themselves:

Licensed Plumbers Prioritize on Your Safety

There’re certain dangers and hazards that come along with plumbing work. Existing research shows that 60 percent of people who involve themselves in maintenance work in their homes don’t use any sort of protective gear.

As a result, they’re exposed to various biohazards and contaminants. Sewer problems, pipe issues, and broken water heating systems are relatively easy to repair for an average homeowner. However, they’re also risky and dangerous to fix without the much-required expertise.

Licensed plumbers know the safety precautions and protocols required when handling plumbing issues. They also use the right equipment and tools to efficiently and safely do the plumbing work.

High-Quality Plumbing Services

When doing plumbing on your own, you might end up doing a shoddy job, especially when you don’t have the required experience.

Licensed plumbers possess the skills necessary to deliver high-quality plumbing services. They know the local plumbing standards and construction codes, and they’ll observe them while doing the work.

Professional plumbers also offer a guarantee for their services. Their warranty covers plumbing repair and installation services.

You’ll ultimately save Money and Time

Homeowners who attempt to repair plumbing issues on their own often underestimate the complexity of the existing problem.

They end up spending more time as they struggle to fix the issue than an expert would since they don’t have the required skills and knowledge. In case they make mistakes, the problem worsens and ends up costing them more than necessary.

An experienced plumber will inspect your plumbing system thoroughly and identify the causes of the plumbing problem accurately, something that an inexperienced property owner might have missed.

A professional plumber will also provide you with a list of the required materials and a cost estimate. With such professional assistance, you’ll know the amount of money you’re likely to spend to have the issue fixed.

A skilled plumber will also do the repairs and installations the right way, and this will prevent the recurrence of the plumbing problem. Hiring a licensed plumbing expert will ultimately save you money and time.

Plumbing Regulations in Australia

The laws and regulations related to plumbing might vary depending on your state with respect to what a homeowner can do or cannot do. Failure to adhere to local state regulations may lead to legal penalties.

For instance, in NSW, you should have a valid license to conduct plumbing work, especially when dealing with plumbing lines that can affect your health such as water supply lines and sewer lines.

Ensure you check with your local authorities to determine the local plumbers who are licensed to offer plumbing services according to the standards of your state.

Whenever you’re facing plumbing problems at home, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a licensed and insured plumber rather than trying to do the repair yourself.

By hiring an expert, you’ll avoid worsening the problem, damaging your property, and stay safe from the safety and health risks associated with plumbing work.