Why It’s Important to Learn Japanese


Languages play an important role in the understanding of something’s culture. The Japanese language similarly plays a significant role in deepening the understanding of Japan. The culture of Japan is magical, to say the least. The integrity Japanese people carry with them all over the world is also something everyone admires to have. Learning languages other than the ones you’ve been taught all your life is important in many ways. Working in other countries and creating new friendships with people who speak languages you don’t know can be hard. 


According to a survey done in 2015, “More than 3.66 million people in 137 countries and regions study Japanese”. People all over the world are learning Japanese to understand more about the culture that comes with it, rather than just learning it for the sake of studying or working abroad. Disregarding the practical purposes, Japanese is being learned because of the spike in its pop-culture. From anime to manga, Japan has way too much to offer.

The Japan Foundation:

It’s the Japan foundation that works with various countries all over the world to promote their language. The government too cooperates with the Japan Foundation and provides education specialists to countries in need of them. These specialists are masters of languages and share their information with any and every interested party. The Japan Foundation also invites students overseas to training programs in Japan. The training sites give the students an insight into the Japanese culture through their language. 

Alongside the many certified Japanese tutors, you can find on the internet, the Japan foundation also works with other countries as a legal entity in many different types of cases. People spend a lot of time looking for places to learn the Japanese language, ignoring what’s right in front of them; The internet. Finding online Japanese instructors is as easy as it could get, set up an appointment and explore your options now! To test your Japanese writing and speaking ability, you can always take the Japanese language proficiency test which is taken by millions of people every year.

Learning Japanese and Why It’s Important:

Learning the language of Japan isn’t easy. You have to be properly motivated to learn a language, let alone Japanese. Motivation is a human’s fuel, so let’s recharge you and talk you through the many benefits of learning the language. 

Improving Memory, Concentration, and Self-discipline: Learning the Japanese language will not only give you an insight into the integrity of the Japanese culture, but it’ll also affect you in ways you can’t imagine. The Japanese language is a valuable language, it allows the speaker to train their self-discipline and memory while being able to think logically. Japanese is also known as the language of peace by many linguists around the world. You can equip many habits and skills by learning the Japanese language, which can help you master more languages in the future.

Understanding Japan: Japan’s rich culture and thriving economy aren’t something to be undermined. Understanding this rich culture is more beneficial than one might think. Japan has been one of the cultural centers of the world for ages now. The large economy it has is highly significant to its culture. Since the standard of living is very high in Japan, it’s considered one of the safest places in the world to visit or live in. 

Traveling to Japan might seem easy, but being there isn’t. Not having a good understanding and command of the Japanese language can make the experience a poor one. Having a solid command over the language, on the other hand, can be fruitful. The cultural and historical knowledge Japan holds is unlike any other country. Enrich your experience and learn Japanese now.

Opening The Door to Other Languages: Learning the language of Japan has a lot of benefits, but none as good as this one. You see, when you learn a language, you get to know about other languages that are similar to it in some cases. With Japanese, you can easily make the jump to Korean or Chinese and learn them easily since you’ll already have a good understanding of how these languages work. With some other languages like German, you can’t expand your reach and learn Dutch as easily as you might think. 

Korean grammar is extremely similar to that of Japanese, they both use the same kanji characters which originated from the Chinese language. This way, all three are linked, and learning one of them opens the door to the other ones. East Asia is a magical place, full of rich culture and art. The languages and cultures of Korea and China might not be related directly to Japanese, but learning one of them helps overcome the challenges one might face while learning the others. It’s a cheat code!

A Popular Language: Japanese is a popular language. According to a survey, “Japanese boasts the #9 spot for most native speakers in the world— over 130 million” Although this data showed that over 80% of these speakers resided in Japan, the rest of them were shown to speak Japanese as a second language. People who are bilingual in Japanese and English have an insane demand across tons of fields which makes Japanese a valuable skill to have as a way to advance in your career.

The Japanese Pop Culture: The pop culture and media Japan has is one that everyone needs to explore while they still can. It’s the pop culture of Japan that invites people from all over the world to take an interest in Japanese. Being the primary reference for learners of the Japanese language, the Japanese pop culture has anything and everything. From the music to the art, the fashion to the television, Japan’s got it all. 

Learning Japanese allows interested individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the pop culture. With the prevalence of “weebs” in this modern era, the Japanese language is accessible to everyone willing to learn it. 

These are only a few benefits of learning Japanese. Once you take an interest in the language, you’ll be immersed.