Why J-Lo’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez is unlike any other


He is one of those who say: “You shine! You rock! Just be the best version of yourself!” She claims he has a positive impact and influence on her life. He is a beautiful soul, she says.

It seems like Jennifer Lopez has finally found her soulmate. She has commited to Alex Rodriguez after two years of dating. But there is a little secret why this 49-years-old singer’s relationship was unlike any other since the very beginning.

There are a lots of things already revealed about J-Lo’s love life, while Alex Rodriguez has only one failed marriage behind him, as well as relationships with stars like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hutson. But why did all the fans believed in the success of this relationship since its early stages?


The two stars have began their afair in September, 2017. Since the very beginning Jennifer claimed that this relationship is the very first one to be good and healthy, having no doubts about the selection of the partner this time.

“It’s not that I did not have excellent relationships before, with no love or adventure,” – she says, “however, this is the first one in which both my partner and I are turning into the best versions of ourselves. We water and feed each other, we fill each other and there is nothing but pure love between us. You just want to support your partner and to make him happy. There is a selfless love, different and beautiful and pure. That’s why it is healthy.” – she finishes.


Jennifer came to a conclusion that the main key for the success of their relationship is because both of them are in their fourties. They both agree that if they have met earlier, the relationship wouldn’t have survived.

“We had to grow un and discover ourselves first. I understand him the way no one does. In his twenties he had a great success as a professional baseball player. Me, on the other hand, had a film numer one as well as album number one and made history. But what is more important, both of us have worked a lot on ourselves a lot.” – claims the singer.


In an interview in 2018 Lopez said:

“I have made enough mistakes in the past and now I feel matue, just like him. Now both of us do the things with pace. Our life is wonderful. We feel blessed with the children we have and with the things and  the success we have reached. I do not need anything else! Now I have it all!” – said Jennifer with a huge smile on her face.

For the scandals that shaked the show-biz she added:

“We all have flaws and the people I love are the ones who recognize their flaws and are ready to work on them. It is of crucial importance when you look yourself in the mirror and admit it you are not going the best you can but, however, you are willing to make changest for better.”


As a biggest key for her last relationship success she claims to be the fact that she has finally leart to love herself first becuse only then you you are ready to love somebody else in a healthy way and build a relationship based on trust, love, support and admiration.