Why Luxury Apartments Are So Popular


There’s a trend sweeping across the nation from New York City to San Francisco. Developers are ditching the traditional apartment complex in lieu of top-notch, modern, luxurious apartments. Last year, 80% of new apartment homes built fell into the luxury category.

What makes these high-end dwelling so appealing? Is it actually affordable to live in something like this? Here’s why thousands of individuals are choosing luxury apartments as their new homes.

  1. Location

One of the first things people look at when choosing a new home is its location. A close proximity to work and amenities in the area is a major bonus. These new apartment complexes place residents in an ideal location that’s city-centric, often without having them live directly in the city itself.

Developers build these homes in a spot where access to the area’s public transportation is a mew block or two away, allowing them to offer residents a simple commute to work or dining and shopping. At the same time, these nearby cities and towns offer plenty of amenities themselves.

Residents can walk to fine dining, designer shopping, and entertainment locations at any time. Several are also built near areas designed for outdoor recreation, such as hiking trails or the beach. Having so much to do in the surrounding area is a major draw for many.

  1. Amenities

Each of these luxury apartment communities comes fully equipped with a wide range of on-site amenities. Individual locations are unique, with NYC addresses offering different amenities than the luxury apartments in Denver. While they may vary from one location to another, there tends to be a general set that the vast majority share.

Residents can stay active in state-of-the-art fitness centers, yoga terraces, and lap pools. Entrepreneurs can take care of business in meeting rooms filled with everything they need for a presentation, while those coming home from a long day of work can relax in rooftop terraces or resort-style pools with cabanas.

Features ranging from dog shampoo parlors to 24-hour concierge service have helped these luxury apartment homes become insanely popular. When your home is more like a vacation destination, what’s not to love?

  1. Modern Touches

Inside each apartment, homes are furnished with the newest tech and furnishings available. Smart thermostats, decadent flooring, and quartz countertops are almost always guaranteed. Little touches like these are a key factor for many when picking out a new luxury home.

  1. Price

You might think that living in one of these apartments is exclusive to those with a hefty salary, but that’s far from the truth. While high-end price ranges still exist, most of these homes are affordable with a $60-70 thousand yearly income.

It seems like a steal, especially with the location and amenities, but the fact is that this style of luxury apartment is quickly becoming the new norm in the industry. The goal is to provide a larger audience with the luxury style of living they desire instead of reserving these accommodations for the rich.

Whether or not they’ll catch on like developers hope, these homes sure are appealing. Could you picture yourself living in one of these apartments?