Why Marble is the Perfect Yacht Tile Choice


Marble is really the only choice for people who own yachts or those lucky enough to be in the realm of thinking about buying one. Yachts are the ultimate indulgence, and their prices prove that. People can easily spend millions of dollars on ships that are floating mansions. Yachts can be called or navigated to any location in the world, and are the signature possession of the richest, most stylish and most powerful people in the world. Recent years have seen an explosion in the yacht market. People who’ve been successful in business love yachts because they offer freedom, privacy and luxury all in one. Celebrities who are tired of being in the public eye turn to yachts for solitude, and wealthy businessmen and women love that they can find their yacht in any part of the world. Increased yacht sales and production volume has spurred growth in the customization market. Virtually anything is possible when it comes to outfitting a yacht. People install helipads, secret rooms, pools, Michelin-quality kitchens and other amazing luxuries. 

Owners and prospective buyers love getting involved in every detail of their yacht design and performance. Material selection is one of the most important decisions when designing a yacht. It will determine its longevity and resale value. The type of tile materials that are chosen has a major impact on a yacht’s look and feel. Most high-end yachts opt for marble tiles for a number of reasons. Here’s a quick breakdown on why marble is the perfect tile choice for your yacht.

  • Exclusivity

There’s an element of fiscal conservatism that gets thrown out the window whenever a yacht is purchased. Owners and buyers know it’s not a financially sound decision, but if you’re able to buy a yacht saving money is no longer a major concern. There’s no sense paying a ton for a yacht only to scrimp on the interior. Marble is the best tile material for luxury and cost. Rare strains of marble that are mined from mountains in India and other far away countries are a good fit when you’re doing a little showing off for all that hard work you’ve done. It doesn’t make sense to put value tiles in a pricey yacht. That’s like sitting in a Lamborghini with cloth seats. It’s doesn’t fit the product profile. Marble is the most popular choice for yacht tile for a reason. It’s the most expensive, high-end tile on the market. Even prices within the marble range can vary widely depending on how rare the marble is. Just like yacht, you can keep going higher in price the more you want to spend. 

  • There’s a Crew to Maintain the Marble

One of the biggest issues with marble tiles is that they are porous and require regular cleaning and sealing. If liquid or other materials are allowed to sit directly on the marble for too long, it can cause discoloration or staining that’s impossible to repair. That means having to pay for replacement marble slabs that can be expensive, or even worse, unavailable. There’s no sense in people buying marble slabs who can’t take the time to clean and care for them. On yachts, it’s a perfect environment for marble tile because most yachts have some type of crew to care for everything onboard. They cook, clean, always maintain the facilities and keep the yacht in working order. It’s not too much to ask that they wipe off the marble countertops to keep them shiny and in great shape. What’s better is that most yacht crews have been working onboard some vessel for years and will likely know what’s involved in caring for expensive marble slabs. They’ll be able to make sure your marble stands up to the harsh ocean conditions that can give any material a beating over time. 

  • Wholesalers are Used to Dealing with Yacht Owners

Sure, it’s possible to get soapstone tile in a yacht, but it’s probably going to hard to find a company or installer capable of meeting your design requirements. Because so many yacht owners opt for marble, there are easier choices for you when you choose marble for your purchase. Marble suppliers who work with yacht owners have the resources and capability to ship, install, repair and service marble tile wherever your yacht happens to be. Companies that cater to high-end clients know what it takes to get the job done in an efficient manner when time means more than price. Going with marble for your yacht makes your life easier because you won’t have to be commanding the entire operation. They know what owners want and how to get the job done. 

  • Marble Fits into the Yacht Aesthetic

There are many different variants of marble, which you can view here, but most come in lighter shades with striking veining patterns that draw eyes in. Due to sea conditions, most yachts are light in color, either white or cream-colored. Their interiors are accented with blues and other cool colors that evoke the calm of life on the waters. Marble fits in perfectly with that design template with its light shades that are sometimes translucent or reflect light. The clean colors and lines highlight other accents around the yacht in a subtle way that screams luxury. It fits in seamlessly with the overall yacht design. 

There are reasons you find marble adorning the finest hotels, monuments, offices and homes around the world. People love the story that marble tells. Each slab comes from a specific place in the world and tells a story. Owners love the natural look of marble and that it ties their yacht, home or office to nature. Marble is by far the best tile choice for yachts because its profile matches most closely. It simply belongs in anything as expensive as a yacht, and anything else would almost look out of place. Every yacht owner knows deep down that marble tiles are the best way to make their yacht truly one of a kind.