Why Mykonos Should Be in Your Must-Visit List This Year  


The intense nightlife, the crazy party scene, and the VIP lifestyle have long become typical of a Mykonos visit. And, although Mykonos, indeed, welcomes guests with world-class clubs, high-end services, and luxury that can’t be easily described, it hides myriads of treasures that rightfully put in on the map among other destinations worth a place in one’s bucket list. 

Between the charming cobblestone streets, the picturesque whitewashed houses with the bougainvillea-hanging balconies, and the idyllic sunset views, you are definitely spoiled for choice. And, if you are still wondering what makes Mykonos so special, here are some highlights that can justify it. 

Mykonos is a superb destination almost year-round because you can:

1. Make friends with pelicans!

Petros, the pelican, has been the island’s mascot since the late 1960s when a local fisherman found and nurtured an injured pelican. That pelican was quickly adopted by the entire island and was even given a name – Petros – which comes from the word “petra”, and means “rock” (from the island’s rocky topography). Over two decades, Petros has greeted millions of Mykonos tourists, making friends with them and taking selfies! Today, Petros is no longer alive. However, several more equally friendly pelicans have made Mykonos their home, continuing the tradition of their ancestor! So, you actually have the chance to interact with them and paint your Mykonos escapade with even more vivid colours.

2. Gift yourself magnificent seascapes!

The Island of the Winds floats amidst the serene Aegean Sea with transparent waters and a cloudless blue sky blending with the archipelago like a hypnotising veil. So, you can only imagine the views you will get from climbing to the highest point in Mykonos (that would be either the Windmills or Armenistis Lighthouse)! Besides the beautiful seascapes, you will also enable yourself to get a better glimpse of traditional Cycladic architecture, with the surrounding hills and plains dotted with the charming milky-white, cubic-shaped houses and chapels. 

3. Pump some serious romance into your life!

A beachfront Mykonos area called Little Venice (the locals call it Alefkandra) is lined with elegant captains’ residences (now turned into museums, bars, and cafes). Nothing new here. The extraordinary and appealing detail tied to Little Venice, though, is the fact that these properties are nothing like the rest of the homes in Mykonos. Colourful, with clear Venetian influences, and with wooden flower-filled verandas caressed by the sea (literally – they hang over the waves!), they invite you to a memorable experience. Most visitors come here for the idyllic sunset views. Nevertheless, you can consider a stroll just for the unique ambience exuded here. 

Tip: The same sensation is wrapped around Delos island. Not only is it a site with a UNESCO World Heritage seal, but it’s also a place with profound spiritual energy and historical importance. 

4. Drink ouzo with locals and share a slice of onion pie!

The local community is known for being one of the most open-minded out there and among the first to welcome nudism and same-sex relationships. But, that aside, the Mykoneans are also raised with Greek hospitality running in their blood. Making your own ouzo or tsipouro and sharing it with friends and family is a favourite pastime here. What is even more exciting, though, is that you are more than welcome to join a Sunday gathering at a scenic Old Port taverna for some ouzo shots and local delights or mouth-watering seafood dishes! And, don’t be surprised if this turns into a feast, including singing and dancing! 

4. Be treated like a VIP!

Whether a celeb or humble mortal, Mykonos’ lux factor is undeniably unmatchable. Be prepared, as everything you do in Mykonos can be sprinkled with the grandness the island is known for. To give you an idea:

  • You will find luxury Mykonos hotels like Kivotos Mykonos, offering supreme privacy, exclusiveness, and an impressive wealth of amenities. Even private dining at the hotel-owned yacht, spa treatments, and your own swimming pool. 
  • Sunbathing and enjoying the crystalline waters can be done in full isolation at a remote sandy beach or with services like drinks and snacks delivered to your sunbed or lounger by the sea. 
  • Dining can be as private as you wish (with VIP reservations) or can even be taken to the open sea aboard a stylish catamaran. 
  • Touring and exploring the island may as well be done with a helicopter ride or a private tour. 

And the list goes on! Can’t get any better than that, can it?