Why No Online Business Can Survive without SEO Even in 2020


Search Engine Optimization is not the same as it used to be. It has evolved a lot with time. Had it not changed, people would have kept exploiting it and eventually have killed search engines. But search engines like Google are far too powerful and smart to let some black hat marketers bring them down. Every year many leading marketers anticipate the end of the SEO as we know it, and every year they are proven wrong. 

It is believed that with SEO practices, low-quality content can outrank the best quality content. It is as true as it is painful. That’s why SEO is considered an inefficient way to rank search engine results pages. 

However, what other way is there? 

Search engine guidelines and spiders are updated every day to ensure only the best results that provide the most value get on top. If you are thinking about dropping the SEO budget of your marketing campaigns, you might be going the wrong way. 

SEO is still important in 2020 for every online business, and here I’ve shared how. 

Search Engines are the Biggest Source of Internet Traffic

Over 4.5 billion people use the internet every day, and about 93% of all internet traffic is generated through search engines. Although most people only know Google, there are several other search engines with millions of users like Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. 

Source: Smart Insights

If you want that 93% of internet traffic, you must index and rank in these search engines. Your only other options are to either get direct traffic, which is impossible unless you are a huge brand or use social media platforms, which used to effective but it’s no longer the case. 

We can’t deny the importance of partnering with search engines to run our online business, and they only keep you a partner as long as you keep following all their rules and regulations. You will have to keep providing quality content and, with that, use SEO to appear on the first page of search engine results pages for targeted keywords. 

Social Media Channels are Becoming More Expensive

You can direct a lot of traffic to your website if you have a social media page with an active following. People on social media do follow relevant pages and posts and don’t mind clicking on the link to visit other web pages. However, it’s only possible when you have a relevant and active audience. 

You have to first build social media following of your business before you can utilize them. It would take years to organically generate an appropriate amount of following that could benefit your business. The other option is to run ad campaigns as these platforms want you to. 

There was a time when you could get a lot of exposure by investing $10 – $15. Once you had built your following, the need for paid campaigns would decrease – this is what Facebook, Twitter, and other such platforms didn’t like. 

They want you to keep paying them, and that’s why they have made it very difficult to attract organic followers, limited the reach of paid campaigns, and even made them more expensive. That’s what you can do when you are a monopoly in the market. Just have a look at how Facebook has decreased organic page reach, increased paid reach, and its cost. 

Source: Neil Patel

Nothing Beats Guest Posting for Brand Exposure

While social channels may be becoming a rip-off, you have no such issues in search engines. One of the most popular and safest SEO tactics is guest posting. It’s kind of a link building technique that can also be called content marketing and influencer’s marketing. It combines all three to enhance brand exposure and improve the backlinks profile, and you can have an influencer publish your post. 

While it is cheap and, without a doubt, effective, it’s quite time-consuming and difficult. However, that’s also not a problem if you acquire the right guest blog outreach services

They will find and shortlist the most relevant websites that attract a lot of your prospects and contact them to publish a post with your Do-Follow link in it. They also have content marketers to write the guest post that will convince the readers to visit your website and try what you have to offer. 

Link Building is Still the Most Important Ranking Factor

Most of the SEO is link building – at least when it comes to off-page section. If pages were ranked based on just content, it would be fair to everyone. However, off-page ranking factors are also used by search engines to determine the quality and reliability of the content. 

They can’t just manually read every single one of the articles that are indexed with them to decide which one is the best. It’s also not possible for a software to fully understand what content has to offer. 

This is why link building has always been and still is the most powerful ranking factor of all search engines. Every link has to be built manually. So search engines take these manual links as votes for your content. The more relevant and powerful backlinks your page has, the more trustworthy it will be considered. However, there are also several factors that are combined with backlinks to finalize the ranking. Domain authority and content are some of the most important ones.