Why quitting social media is good for you?


Nowadays, everyone is present digitally. You can log on to many social platforms, applications, and websites. Seems like all the jobs are depending on internet technology. A lot of companies have their websites or other social media to inform the audience with their products and services. A lot of universities are connecting students and teachers through the internet.

And when you think uninstalling the apps from your phone or not log in days, can benefit you, you are right. Maybe is very necessary to log every day to check emails or to see Instagram stories or Tik-Tok videos that will make you laugh, but the side effects of social media are affecting your overall health.

You can go back to normal digital life, but making a detox for a month can really declutter your mind. Here are some benefits you will notice after detoxing from social media:

Break the comparison cycle

People are posting a lot of stuff they are doing, they post what they eat, locations they’ve visited, people they hang out with, and achievements they accomplished. Even though some of the posts are fake, this can lead to comparing to other’s people lives and make you depressed. And that can low your self-esteem.

Improves your mood

Spending too much time scrolling on Instagram feed, watching some videos, that you forgot the moment you put your phone down is a total waste of time. This affects your mood. And leads to depression. The less you are using your social apps, the better your mood will be. Stay away from your phone when you starting your day, to decrease the chances of having a bad day. The same goes when preparing for sleep, that way you won’t break the quality of your sleep.

Stops the fear of missing out

You will miss a lot of information when you uninstalled all the social apps. But instead of that, you will get more free time for other activities you didn’t have time before. You will be more present in the moment and more concentrated on what is going on around you. You will leave the discomfort when meeting new people and having fun conversations with them, instead of reaching for your phone, when you’re out of words. This way you will reconnect to the real world.

Gain a lot of free time & live in the moment

When you are having a social detox, your free time will double, and that leaves space for many activities, you postponed a long time ago. Reading a book, going on a fun camping adventure, dedicating more time for your loved ones, going out more often, and many more you can think of. You will be more present at the moment, and not allowing any thoughts related to your past cross your mind. Even cleaning your whole house won’t seem like a big deal.

The beginning will be the hardest but don’t give up. The results will pay off and reward you with more free time, as the most precious thing we know.

You will be surprised by how wonderful your everyday life will become. I am sure you will feel your experiences way better than before.