Why should you meditate


The spirituality and the awakening are topics that become more and more popular every single day. The truth is that they are indeed something we should consider working on. All the spiritual gurus and teachers talk about the meditation as the basic tool on the path of awakening. But what is the real purpose behind it is something barely everyone knows.

The point of the meditation is not to keep you focussed, as everyone believes. Not even to keep you calm nor to follow your intuition. You might feel confused now, but all you have to do is study this topic a little bit more as there is always something new to be learned. Remember that it is not about the destination but about the road.


To be fully present in the moment is, of course, one of the benefits you might experience from the meditation. You will definitelly feel more connected to your higher self. However, the deepest purpose behind the meditation hides in the connection to the subconscious. Let me briefly explain this:

Our subconscious is like a storage, like a basement where we keep all the informations during the lifetime experience. All we have done in the past, all the memmories we have, every single step we have taken is stored in the subconscious which never stops working. Even when we sleep, its function is active 24 hours a day.

It is in our power to store the boxes of the past on a good manner. If we place it well we won’t have problems as they will not bother us along the way. However, if we leave them in chaos, what we will experience constantly is a mess and chaos again. There can even exist boxes that are stored in our subconscious several centuries ago. So to say, from our past lives. As they have no expiry date, they still have the same power as the ones stored one day ago.


But the question is how to leave these boxes in a perfect order so they do not make us problems in the future. There’s when the meditation comes to a power. You have to meditate. You have to quiet your mind. We would choose a box pero day and unpack and open only one at a time. The purpose is to check the lession, show grattitude for it and leave it in peace so it won’t bother us again. That way we practice detachment to any emotion we have in relation to this box and experience.

We have to sit in a quiet place and try not to escape from the thoughts that pops up to your mind. Instead select a specific box, unpack it and try to find its roots in the silence. Whatever thought that crosses your mind is valid and reveals you something. Thank for the experience, forgive everyone that’s included in that very box, accept it and close it. Leave it as one that you have already dealed with and move to the next one. That’s how you make an order in the basement of your memmories so they don’t bother you in the future.